Description. Magical formulas are recited aloud during the casting of spells and represent the most common tool used to focus magic. They play a central part especially in Elemental Magic. Though Clerical Mages also recite short prayers which seem to resemble magical formulas, these are called mantras and work a little different, so it is not advised to treat them as the same.

In Santharia such formulas usually consist of ancient Styrásh words or word parts with a maximum of three or four letters. Only very few magicians do not use formulas, which is simply due to the fact that language is the means sentient beings use to express their intellect and will and thus also the main channel through which magic works. Formulas are often misjudged by non-mages and interpreted as the only or main source why something magical is happening, but such formulas only accompany a new-forming orientation of a caster's mind towards one or more auras (cár'állía). The intensity of the caster's voice by the way may also often serve as a direct indicator of the intensity of the spell.

Advantages/Disadvantages. Magical formulas are pretty easy to learn, which makes them very common. The main disadvantage of formulas of course is that opponents can hear through the spoken words which kind of spell is being cast already during the process of casting and therefore a counter-reaction can be taken immediately. If the casting of a spell takes longer than the preparation of the counter spell this could indeed turn out as a severe problem for a mage who is dependent on using formulas, especially in case he/she has to deal with opponents all alone.

The Structure of the Formula. An example for a magical formula would be the words "Kái Fér Dál" (Styrásh "
Kái Fér Dál") meaning literally "high fire rising". This formula is used for the Level II Fire Spell called "Nourish Flame", which adds more power to an existing fire. A typical formula consists of three parts:

The stressing of certain elements of the formula also is of major importance. Different stressings can produce different effects, though the same spell is cast.

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