The seven Schools of Magic represent the main categorizations of magic as elaborated by the archmages of the Magical Academy of Ximax (note that categorizations of magic are always dependent on the point of view of the magicians designing these categorizations and therefore cannot be seen as a "general truth"). Each School is divided further into two spheres of the School (one physical representation and one spiritual), and these spheres are further split up into various spell classes. Finally each spell class contains a group of spells. Inititates in Ximax have to focus on one of the basic spell classes first and level up before they can move to any of the advanced spell classes, where they can further improve what they have learned. Since the 3rd century the 4 Elemental Schools and the 2 Archschools are taught in the current form at the Academy. Though the arcane School of Weaving is not officially taught in Ximax, the magicians at the Academy try to analyze and put this school as well into the general scheme, though knowledge about it is mostly scarce and from second hand.

Concept. According to the canon of the Magical Academy of Ximax and thus the famous guidebook of Xeuátan Khaelvan III. (9th century a.S.) all known kinds of magic are part of the 7 Schools of Magic, six official schools and one arcane. The schools can be seen as a pyramide on three levels, which we'd like to describe as follows:

In order to be able to cast spells of the two Archschools of Xeuá and Ecuá one usually has to go through the basic schools of one or two of the Elemental Schools, at least this is the way magic is dealt with at the Ximaxian Academy. Exceptions which are also reported throughout the lands of exceptionally gifted persons in the art of magic only confirm the common rule.

The School of Weaving (casting "raw magic") on the other hand is not officially taught at the Ximaxian Academy, though it is recognized as an official "School". You might still find masters of this art in
Ximax, but Weaving in general is more seen as a gift than something you can learn through other kinds of magic.

A Magical School is a general categorization, which deals with all kinds of spells this School stands for, e.g. a Wind School obviously deals with all kinds of wind spells. Wind spells for example are defined as spells, where the spells' focus lies on the Element of Wind, which means in particular, on dealing with an element/principle in exactly 3 ways:

These possible ways of dealing with elemental energies (the "how" so to speak) can be realized by targeting different aspects of beings or objects (the "what"). These aspects are twofold:

Note that "spirit" in this context shouldn't be reduced to the "mind" or "soul" of beings, but refers to the general existential orientation of the target's cár'áll (aura). The general scheme can be depicted as follows:

At the diagram above you can see a general example of the splitting up of a School of Magic into 3 spheres, each sphere with a physical and a spiritual representation, thus making a complete amount of 6 spell classes. The central icons represent the flow of the elemental cár'áll the School stands for. Return to the top

School Example. Let's take a look at a specific Elemental School to see how the system works in detail. We use the Wind School for the following example. In the following example we try to represent the qualities of the cár'áll by expressing the cár'áll through quantifications: Let's take an object, whose cár'áll can be divided into 40% wind, 30% earth, 20% water and 10% fire and see how the spheres change these proportions:

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