"Fizzling" is an occurence during spellcasting when a desired effect doesn't take place due to various reasons. Fizzlin can be found frequently in magical history, under literally hundreds of seperate names: Dél'krói (Styrásh: Dél'krói, lit. "magic-war"), Avá's Judgement, the Fool's Death... each name with its own connotation, but each describing the same basic concepts.

There are two seperate types of fizzling as reckoned by the Ximaxian Institute. Incapacity Fizzles and Catastrophic Fizzles. Each is terrible in its own way... one far more than the other.

It is one of the more intriguing lines of thought about the world's creation that Caelereth itself might be the result of a Catastrophic Fizzle of some void-being's spell, at least such thoughts were recently brought up and since then fervently discussed by human scholars of the Santhalian university. Scholars of this line of thought point to the ongoing battle between Avá and Coór as an extension of some supreme God's failure to control his powers properly. (Human scholars. Reknowned for not entirely getting the point about the High Gods. As Khaelvan II. said, "It's just too simple. Humans have to believe all conflicts are grand, bloody battles, not the subtle, simple conflicts inherent in being.") Not surprisingly this theory is not accepted or commonly known outside of magical circles, and even there it remains something of a fringe thought.

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