Since magic exists there have always been attempts among the humans to find a system for magic and to categorize spells. In 114 b.S. several important mages of the southern Sarvonian continent came together in Ximax to share their findings and teach others. They formed the so-called "House of Magic" which should later on (in 12 a.S.) develop to the new Mages' Academy in rememberance of the ancient Academy of Ximax which was destroyed in 773 b.S. at the Fall of Ximax during SW I. The Academy also elaborated a system for spell levels, which is not only based on the different kinds of human magics, but also tries to incorporate the elven way of casting magic and therefore uses some of the stýrash terminology as well. The spell levels were mainly developed by Xarl Bluestride, one of the most learned mages during the years of the Turning of Times, and were refined lately by the archmage Colmár of New-Santhala. There exists as well a modified version of the spell levels for the Brownie use of magic, the Brownie Spell Levels.

There are 12 general spell levels which can be divided into 4 spell level groups. The groups are: Novitate Spells, Initiate Spells, Magicitai Spells and finally Magus and Archmage spells. As a matter of fact the levels only serve as a general system, and it is quite obvious that whenever things are being categorized the special case may be lost during the process of categorization. Therefore it may already be possible for an Apprentice Mage to cast a higher level spell (though not regularly perhaps) and a powerful mage may fail in casting a lower level spell even if he has the knowledge of casting it. But in most cases the level system helps a lot in judging the potential of magicians and therefore also serves to establish classes and a system of evalutation of performance for the Academy. To each spell level certain named spells are attached, depending on the spell category (Elemental magic, Xeuá magic, Weaver magic etc.). The 12 levels are as follows:

I. Novitate Spells (Levels 1-3)

II. Initiate Spells (Levels 4-6)

III. Magicitai Spells (Levels 7-9)

IV. Magus and Archmage Spells (Levels 10-12)

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