The School of Water Magic, along with the Earth, Fire and Wind Schools represents one of the four Elemental Schools of Magic taught in the Magical Academy of Ximax in western Santharia. Note that the Schools of Magic, their Spheres and Spell Classes, do not represent an objective "truth" on all things magical, but are only one of many possible categorizations, an arbitrary one as critics say, or an absolutely essential one as supporters confirm.

Within the Elemental Schools, the Water School overall tends to deal with both physical and mental changes, and does not generally focus too heavily on either side. On average, those who can remain calm, despite their erratic element have more control over it, but for those who demonstrate similar qualities to the constant changes of Water generally have the more powerful of spells, with lack of focus. Similar to Fire, Water Magic is very chaotic, compared to the Earth and Wind schools which tend to be more calm and can be kept at bay more easily.

Description. The Element of Water deals with everything relating to liquid, change and the frozen - physically and psychically. Water flows, and so does the mind, which constantly evolves, adapts, and grows, and thus the Element of Water is seen as a chaotic element, just like its counterpart, Fire. However, unlike the hot tempered rage of the flame, Water is not aggressive and inherently violent, but rather completely random and undecided, or at least has this tendency. One with a Water-like personality's perceptions can change with the flick of the wrist, and hate can turn to love before the turn of the tide, or vice versa. Like humans, the element's chosen race (if we follow the mythical categorization made in the Cárpa'dosía), Water is the center-point between the two counterparts of Wind and Earth. Not as calm and serious as Wind, nor stubborn and prideful as Earth, or lusting after matters of the heart as Fire, Water can be none, and can be all, and changed by the slightest shift of the tide. It is the most unpredictable element, and thus considered one of the most dangerous by some, more so than even Fire at times.

Unlike the aggressive Fire, Water is not inclined towards destruction, despite its similarly chaotic tendencies. The element is a source of everything, the sustenance. All life needs to change to survive, as it does need Water to take up or drink. Wind is the 'being', Water is the 'source'. Like its spiritual companion, Water is also never really destroyed in the circle of life, only recycled, gone by day and returned by night. The ambivalent nature of Water is also demonstrated continuously by the humans who constantly repeat their own mistakes and triumphs: Time flows like a river, some say, and history repeats itself. War comes, war goes, war is only to be fought again years or centuries later over some similar feud.

Water is the element of transformation. It is always changing. It can be molded to fit any container, or become each of the other elements, solid, cold ice as Earth, wispy, quiet fog as Wind, and boiling, destructive steam as Fire. Though, of course, manipulation of Water alone cannot control all these facets. Humans are the quickest race to evolve and develop, and like Water are only at a standstill for mere moments before the next rapid picks them from their feet and spurs their course onwards again, towards their ultimate destruction, or glorious domination.

Water can also equally affect someone's mind, by changing it and altering it in the many ways possible. A raging storm in a person's mind would result in the case of madness, while a calm and serene lake demonstrates a wizened philosopher. By altering the mind's cár'áll balance, a mage can create his desired effect.

Despite how many would say that Earth is the element of growth, it is in fact Water which stimulates that growth. How can a plant, animal, or any being grow without the most necessary commodity of Water? Without the life-giving sustenance provided by this liquid, Caelereth would be nothing more than a barren, lifeless desert. And if not for the ability to change, adapt, and evolve, the world would never have come to the point it is today, and would have died out long ago.
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Spheres of Water Magic. Like at all other Elemental Schools, there exist three Spheres in order to categorize the School of Magic:

I. The Sphere of Change
The first sphere is commonly known as the Sphere of Change, as this sphere deals with a marginal changing of the target in relations to the instability of Water. This, however, is not an actual change, despite what its name suggests. Only Raw magi can truly change the form of something. However, by increasing something's affinity towards Water, a Water mage can cause a being or object to take on the physical properties of Water, or become more erratic in their emotions and spirit, as in relations to the spiritual side of this sphere, Enchantment.

II. The Sphere of Currents
The second sphere is commonly known as the Sphere of Currents, as this sphere deals with the natural form of Water, the application of it upon a target. By controlling the way the sea changes for example, a mage can create powerful tidal waves and Water funnels, but if far away from any source of Water the mage can often not utilize the physical side of this sphere. This sphere is only the manipulation of Water in a target and the aligning to that element, and so the mage guides the Water towards or away from its target or the mind to be able or unable to collect one's own thoughts and memories.

III. The Sphere of Evolution
The third sphere is commonly known as the Sphere of Evolution, as this sphere deals with the way a target adapts and changes, develops and evolves. What this means is that, by adding Water cár'áll, a mage can cause something to sprout and flourish, or change the mind's ability to learn and mature. This sphere can accelerate growth and the ability to learn, but it cannot give knowledge, such as Wind, which identifies and brings information to the caster. By adding new cár'áll, the mage can for instance spur forth the target's ability to change, but not change it directly. In this way, a Water mage can somewhat control the flow of time, but cannot revert time backwards nor directly control the course of history.
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Spell Classification. Every Sphere of Magic within a School of Magic is subdivided into two Spell Classes, resulting in a total of 6 Spell Classes, as there exist 3 Spheres at each School of Magic. The first Spell Class always signifies the physical representation of the Sphere, while the second Spell Class stands for the spiritual representation of the Sphere.

The Spell Classes of the Water Magic School can be summarized as follows (a few example spells are provided at each Class):

Reagents. A short list of possible Water School reagents includes the following:

• Water
• Scales of a Fish (generally, most fish will do)
• Most types of Seaweed
• Wet Stones
• Ice
• Human Skin (not dried)
• Aquamarine gems
• Starberries

• Krakenweed Tentacles
• Telerun Algae
• Mil'no Leaves (moist, not dry)
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