By affecting the mind, this spell can cause a person to lose attention for a brief moment, making him or her wonder what he/she was up to. At higher levels, this spell can do the same to a group of people, and at the highest levels, the mage can exclude certain people from the affected group.

Spell Effect. The attention of a person can be seen as a certain ordering of ounia within a person's cár'áll, particularly the water ones. By scattering them not unlike the Break spell does with earth, this spell will cause a person to lose focus for a short time, not knowing what he was up to, why he was here and whether these were the doch nuts he was looking for.

As the mind quickly rearranges itself, seeking to always have some focus, the effect of this spell wears off "instantly". Thus, if a person came for doch nuts, he or she will recall it after a few seconds, and proceed to fetch them, despite the spell effect. If, however, a sentry barks "Hold!" at you, and you are not a friend of the authorities (whichever ones), this spell will give you the time to vanish into the crowd and get out of sight. At higher levels, this spell can also be cast on an area, affecting all sentients in that area.

It should be noted that the target must be in line of awareness at time of casting (awareness meaning sight, hearing or otherwise).

Furthermore, it should be noted that since this is a Sphere II spell, it may often fizzle at the initial level due to the fact that Sphere II is usually not taught until level 4.  Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage concentrates on the target, says the formula and shakes a small bottle of water containing hav'lam chips, representing the mind of the targeted person. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not defined yet. Return to the top

Target. The mind of a sentient being. At the higher levels (level 6 and up) the target can be an area, and the spell will affect all sentients in that area. At the highest levels, (level 9 and up) the caster can exclude specific minds in the area, making this spell useable even when your friends are in the crowd. Return to the top

Reagents. A small bottle of water with small chips or grains of hav'lam in it, a transparent kind of cheap mineral which originates mainly from condensed water. Water itself of course is a generic water reagent, and in a small bottle it represents the mind of the target. One shakes the bottle with the added hav'lam, the grains are dispersed and 'scattered' just as the focus of the target is, and as the silt begins to settle again almost instantly, so the confusion dissipates. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Water School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Thought, spiritual representation of Sphere II. Return to the top

Range. Distract is possible already at level 2, even though the spell might fizzle if not trained properly. The following chart describes in detail how far the mage can reach his target at the various levels:

Level Range
Level 2 3 peds
Level 3 5 peds
Level 4 10 peds
Level Range
Level 5 25 peds
Level 6 100 peds
Level 7+ At this level only the line of awareness is limiting.Return to the top

Casting Time. Just a few blinks. Return to the top

Duration. Instant effect, no duration. The mind of the target will rearrange itself as quickly as it can, but the spell produces a one-time instant effect. Usually, the state of confusion caused by this spell lasts a few blinks. During this time the mage (or the people with him) should try to achieve their intended goals as the effect of the spell itself is very limited. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. This spell can not be effectively countered by anything except magical resistance, shielding spells and the like, due to its short casting time and instant effect.

This spell can be enhanced by general water reagents, making your magic stronger. This brings less chance of failing the spell, also on more focused minds, as well as more resistant ones. In addition, this spell can be coupled with a spell to change the attention of a target or to affect the mind of a target in similar ways, as a mind not focused is easier to manipulate.

Also, a physical distraction works well to enhance this spell - be it clapping your hands or whistling. This serves the same purpose as the above - changing the attention of the target. This distraction is often added just as the casting completes, to enact the effect in the instant the target's attention is "neither here nor there". Return to the top

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