Spell Effect. This spell creates a shield of frozen ice to protect the mage from harm or to block off a corridor from advancing troops. The shield is a wall of cold, hard ice that the mage can create up to two fores in front of him. It is approximately 4 peds high and 5 peds long. If created in a narrow corridor, it will mold to fit and block off the passage. The wall is about 1.5 fore thick.

Once created, the mage has no more control over it, and if he wants to cross the area, he must use some other spell to destroy the wall. Water Extraction is the most common, as it absorbs the energy used to make the wall back into caster.

Besides just creating a wall, some mages have grown quite creative with the use of this spell, sometimes using it to make a bridge of ice over a small gap or chasm. Of course, the mage should watch his step as he crosses it, for pure ice usually is a bit slippery. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage places a few fingers to his forehead, while holding a wet aquamarine stone in that hand. He then speaks the formula, throws his hand down to his hip and then up to above his shoulder on the opposite side of this body, and then tosses the stone to where he wants the wall to appear. The stone will disappear as soon as it hits the ground; it will not bounce.

To create a bridge instead of a wall, the mage must do the very same procedure, but instead of throwing the stone, he must place it carefully at the end of the cliff on his side, release his hands, and let it slide down the cliff and into the gap. A bridge of ice will form reaching from both sides of the gap. The stone must touch the side of the cliff in order to work. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Exhonaiá liánn fá evathonís, (Styrásh:
Exhonaiá liánn fá evathonís), translated: "Freeze, fragment of ice!" Return to the top

Target. An area on the ground or a gap. Return to the top

Reagents. A wet aquamarine stone. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Water School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Not decided yet. Return to the top

Range. 2 Fores. Return to the top

Casting Time. 11 seconds. Return to the top

Duration. Approximately half an hour. Twice as long if the mage is at a level past 8. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. To counter the spell, one may extract the frozen water forming the wall, incinerate it with fire, use a gust of wind powerful enough to shatter it, magically hurl a rock at it with enough force to shatter it, or constantly hit it with a hard object. Return to the top

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