This spell extracts Water cár'áll from a person or thing. If the Water Element is successfully extracted by the spell, it will be physically available afterwards. As this spell is commonly used to withdraw the energy from reagents in the use of other spells (often without thinking), Water Extraction is one of the first and simplest spells a new practicioner of Sphere III will be instructed in.

Spell Effect. Water Extraction is a fairly simple spell to utilize, despite being Sphere III. Representing the very basic process of Sphere III spells, Extraction is, at its heart, simply moving Water ounía around from one cár'áll to another. There is no need to activate any properties or qualities of the element.

Once the ounía has been successfully extracted, a water mage can manipulate the won masses into another spell if he wishes. Extracting the
Water from the target may cause dehydration, if it is a living thing which mainly consist of Water. If the target is an object, the sudden disappearance of the Water may cause the radically altered cár'áll of the target to become unstable, ultimately destroying or seriously damaging the target in some manner.

In addition to being used for immediate effect as either an offensive spell or source of energy, Water Extraction is also one of the simplest enchantments available. By using a hollow amulet, ring, or even as crude of an object as a bucket, a mage can transfer the
Water ounía into a temporary storage container, giving them access to a backup supply of Water when no other sources are available. Note that this is no different than simply filling said storage device manually with water - should the storage be broken, the water will spill out and be lost. Unlike more powerful enchanments, this simply displaces the Water ounía into a new location, and does not activate any property of the oun itself. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage must physically touch his target in order to draw the
Water ounía from it. A more skilled mage may be capable of casting this spell from a distance, but at its beginning level, physical contact is necessary.

Upon touching the target, the mage must concentrate on moving the
Water ounía through the point of contact between himself and his target, cutting the links between the original owner and building links between the new owner. The new owner can be any the caster wishes, whether it be himself, a container, or even dispersing it into the nearby air.

Once the
Water has been extracted, it may be utilized as desired for any follow-up spell, or kept in storage until required. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Not defined yet. Return to the top

Focus/Target. The target can be any object or person that possesses
Water ounía within their cár'áll. This spell is commonly used to draw from common reagents for use in other spells, but can be used as an offensive ‘drain’ spell to fatally dehydrate a living target.

Magi with greater ability may be able to extract from multiple targets at once. This will limit the individual effectiveness per target, however, making it less effective as an offensive attack. Return to the top

Reagents. No reagent is required for this spell to function, as the target is, in essence, being used as a reagent himself.

However, something with which to transfer the
Water ounía to may be recommended if vast quantities of water are withdrawn and are not required for immediate use. A bottle, bucket, water-tight bag, or other method of holding would be most suitable, though some Water Magi may use more imaginative and less subtle objects (such as amulets, rings, or even sponges).

Withdrawing vast quantities of
Water ounía without having something to transfer it to could figuratively ‘drown’ the caster, as his own cár'áll becomes overwhelmed by such large quantities of water. Return to the top

Spell Class. Sphere III, Growth (Physical Representation of the Water School).  Return to the top

Range. Water Extraction requires a direct physical link to the target at initial training. Touching the target is the easiest and most common method of contact.

Magi who have sufficient training in the use of Sphere III are capable of utilizing this spell at longer ranges, without the need for physical touch. Longer ranges are based purely on the personal ability of the caster, as higher concentration and skill is required in order to maintain a ‘grip’ over the transferring
Water ounía. Return to the top

Casting Time. Water Extraction is next to instantaneous the moment the caster lays hand upon the target and concentrates on the spell. Breaking concentration or touch will cancel the spell (though the mage will still have access to whatever amount he extracted prior to the release). Return to the top

Duration. Depending on how much water is in the target
cár'áll and how much is desired to be extracted, the duration of this spell can vary. Against the average humanoid-sized target, a target time of ten seconds for full extraction (complete dehydration) is the most common reported number. However, caster ability and other variables can easily adjust this figure either up or down. New users will commonly require times of up to twenty or thirty seconds for full extraction.

Smaller targets (such as reagents being used for other spells) take much less time and effort, requiring only a quick touch. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. The best method of countering Water Extraction is to break physical contact with the mage. As soon as contact is broken, the spell stops.

Against higher-level mages whom are using the spell from longer ranges, countering the spell is much more difficult. The subject may douse himself with water to disorient the mage, rendering them unable to focus on the proper Water ounía. However, they will still be able to extract the water the subject has doused on himself, so more direct offensive spells are still a threat. This counter is only useful as a method of preventing the mage from dehydrating the target as an offensive measure.

Another, more advanced counter measure would be using Xeuá magic to strengthen the bonds between the elements of the target. An opposing Xeuá or Ecuá mage may be able to counter this tactic, however, and ultimately the winner would go to the caster with the greater strength of will. Return to the top

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