Wave is a spell that comes in a few different varieties, depending on the mage's level. Known as "Minor Wave" at level four, "Lesser Wave" at level six, "Greater Wave" at level nine, and "Tidal Wave" at level eleven, though it is more commonly just referred to as "Wave". It is also sometimes referred to as a "Portable Flood" by those who have survived an attack from it. 

Spell Effect. Wave is one of the primary water evocation spells, and was often used by mages during times of war to decimate entire armies. The higher the level of the spell when being cast, the larger and more force the wave has. Minor Wave, for instance, creates a small wave no larger than the width of three persons and the height of one. However, Tidal Wave grants a wave that is, as its name denotes, as large and powerful as a tidal wave.

The caster must have a strong will to cast this spell, as the further away from a water source he is, the harder it is to cast the spell. When near an ocean, the ease in casting this spell is equal to that of a novice spell. When inland, the mage must concentrate very hard to create such a large amount of water out of thin air. Rain clouds help somewhat when casting inland. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The mage must have direct visual contact with his target(s). At this point, he must wave his arm in a motion that forms the magic circle, and finish the action with his arm at the top of the circle. When using the reagent, a glass/flask of water, he must hold it in the hand that forms the circle. It does not matter if any or all of the water spills during the casting. After forming the circle, he must close his eyes, sweep his arm down to his lower right or left thigh (depending on the arm he has used to cast), and then jerk it up to the corner of the opposite side of his body, symbolizing a splash of water, and in the case of the reagent, actually splashing the water of the glass into the air. The mage must then hold his arm in that space until he spots a wave of water coming from the direction of the arm he used. He may then lower his arm and watch as his wave washes over his opponents. Return to the top

Magical Formula. dalaiá meár, (Styrásh:
dalaiá meár), translated: "Rising Flood!" Return to the top

Target. Single to very large group of living entities or objects. Return to the top

Reagents. A glass/flask of water, the larger the glass the amount of water, the more useful the reagent. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Water School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Not decided yet. Return to the top

Range. Depending on the level of the spell, 1 ped to 16 peds. Return to the top

Casting Time. 2 minutes and up at higher levels, as low as 20 seconds at beginning levels. Return to the top

Duration. Not applicable. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Countering Wave depends on the level of the one you wish to counter, and the Wave caster. Of course, the easiest way to counter the spell is to interrupt the mage while he is casting. To counter the spell with fire, a flame wall or flame shield is the easiest way, for the water will evaporate on touch. To counter the spell with water, either Ice Breath of Water Extraction have proven useful against Wave, using Ice Breath to freeze the wave, or Water Extraction to extract the water (one can then hurl that very water back at the original mage, thus Water Extraction works as a counterstrike spell). To counter the spell with wind, the mage may use a gust of wind to part the area of the wave that would have passed over him, causing the water to safely pass by him. To counter the spell with earth, the mage can encompass himself in a shield of stone, and the water will wash over like a rock on the beach. Return to the top

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