The School of Wind Magic, along with the Earth, Fire and Water Schools represents one of the four Elemental Schools of Magicc taught in the Magical Academy of Ximax in western Santharia. Note that the Schools of Magic, their Spheres and Spell Classes, do not represent an objective "truth" on all things magical, but are only one of many possible categorizations, an arbitrary one as critics say, or an absolutely essential one as supporters confirm.

Within the Elemental Schools, the Wind School overall mainly
tends to deal with more mental and spiritual aspects of being rather than the many physical ones. A peace and knowledge of one’s inner self, emotions and soul may help the user achieve higher levels and gain access to higher power spells.

Description. The Element of Wind includes things related to air and, because one cannot see wind, also has many properties that are unseen or trick the eye, such as illusion or confusion. This element has a reputation for being one of the more peaceful elements, but can, at times, lead to chaos and destruction as well, through maniplulation of mind and spirit. Though it should be noted that most users of Wind Magic will not use their powers in such a way as Wind Magic is closely related to the advanced Magic School of Xeuá Magic, for which the Wind School in fact provides many preconditions. Furthermore the Element of Wind seems to have a natural affinity for members of the elven race or those who partly have elven blood in their bodies, at least this is what the religious beliefs of the elves suggest, a belief which they practise throughout their lives. Though of course one of most any race can learn to be strong in this area of magic.

Wind Magic tends to be more connected to the state of being, the creation, auratic transformation and restoration of entities in general, as the air's spiritual quality is always identified as the pure basis of "being" itself: Though the air may move or become altered due to the terrain it exists over, it is still always there: neither being born nor dying, only appearing in different forms and states of  existence and being combined with other elements. The elves, strongly believing in the creation of the world out of the Thoughts (the Dream) of the High Goddess Avá the One, think that the Element of Wind symbolizes these Thoughts and the Dream simply as it is now, representing ideas and concepts on how the world is layed out.

Wind also deals with motion, the movement of air to create physical wind, and thus, the magical properties of wind also deal with motion and the power to move, transport or - in advanced form - "teleport" things from one place to another.

Finally t
he movement of air by itself, the essence of air, can be connected to the soul essence of other beings and the alteration and manipulation of those essences to create a desired effect, such as confusion or comfort of the spirit.
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Spheres of Wind Magic. Like at all other Elemental Schools, there exist 3 Spheres in order to categorize the School of Wind Magic:

I. The Sphere of Mirage
The first sphere is commonly referred to as the Sphere of Mirage, as this sphere deals with tricking the mind of a target. Miraging tends to make beings see things that are not really there by casting spells, either manipulating the beings' perception to make them see what the caster wishes them to see or by manipulating the object which is being viewed. This may also pertain to effects or control on the mind that commonly relate to enchantment, though this is commonly related to the spiritual representation of the sphere.

II. The Sphere of Movement
The second sphere is commonly referred to as the Sphere of Movement, as this sphere relates to the flowing motion of wind and its guiding and directing qualities. The physical side of this sphere tends to deal with the physical manipulation of wind to throw down opponents or to carry objects. The spiritual side relates to more emotional qualities and deals with focussing or un-focussing of mind or spirit, thus helping to realign or hinder one’s mind.

III. The Sphere of Clarity
The third sphere is commonly referred to as the Sphere of Clarity, as this sphere mainly encompasses the understanding of all things related to wind, the gain and use of knowledge and its application. It often pertains to the element's existence quality, or the quality of "being". The spiritual class, that of Perception, deals with learning what is and is often learned before the physical class, representing the application of the learned knowledge. The physical class thus is named Restoration and has the purpose of returning things to their original state of being according to the spiritual plan.
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Spell Classification. Every Sphere of Magic within a School of Magic is subdivided into two Spell Classes, resulting in a total of 6 Spell Classes, as there exist 3 Spheres at each School of Magic. The first Spell Class always signifies the physical representation of the Sphere, while the second Spell Class stands for the spiritual representation of the Sphere.

The Spell Classes of the Wind Magic School can be summarized as follows (a few example spells are provided at each Class):

Reagents. A short list of possible Wind School reagents includes the following (still to be expanded and described in more detail):

• Bat ears
• Ashes
• Dried Tree Resin
• Bird Feathers (included Banded Ricau and Eagle feathers)
• Quartz and other crystals
• Silver Dust
• Verjuice
• Sand
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