The Vanish spell is a Wind Element Illusion spell that involves making an object(s) become as invisible as air and in effect "disappear" for a short period of time. This spell is commonly used to hide things or allow passage through things. For example, a boulder blocking one’s path could be made to Vanish allowing the caster and/or any accompanying companions to pass through where the boulder was once located. Once the caster has passed through it, the boulder could return to its natural state. The spell is also used to hide things, like books or precious jewelry.

Spell Effect. The Vanish spell is one that involves making an object become as air and disappear. This is done by increasing the influence of the Wind Element in the ounía of the object that the caster wishes to make disappear. The other elements become less influential, and their influence on the object becomes miniscule. As a result, the object becomes as air, which is invisible, and the object cannot be seen. It should be noted that increasing the Wind ounía on a living being in such a way would prove fatal and as such a living being is not recommended to be used as the target of a Vanish spell. The Hide spell would be a more appropriate use for making a living being invisible rather than disappear altogether. Return to the top

Casting Procedure.
The casting procedure is not very strict. Usually a wave of a hand with the palm open and facing the target is all that is needed for this spell. The mage must concentrate his focus on expanding the influence of Wind ounía within the target to such a point that it is nearly completely dominant over every other element. Once done, the object essentially becomes as wind or air and thus becomes invisible and passable. Return to the top

Magical Formula.
Not defined yet. Return to the top

The target is commonly not a living being due to the fact that manipulating a living being's ounía in such a drastic way could prove harmful, if not fatal. But most any other kind of non-living object can be made to vanish. Smaller objects such as nuts, utensils, or stones are common targets for students who are just beginning to learn the spell. More skilled casters can make larger objects disappear such as boulders or furniture. Return to the top

A clear object of some sort tends to be helpful: something to help the caster get an idea of the properties of a transparent or "invisible" object. A piece of crystal or glass would be a typical reagent for a Vanish spell. Return to the top

Spell Class.
Sphere 1, Illusion (Physical Representation of the Wind School). Return to the top

The target must be visible to the caster, although some archmagi have been known to search and find the ounía of their targets without having to see it. However, seeing the object, and often even touching the object for level I students, often helps a student when learning this spell, as they are able to tell if the object they are working with is indeed disappearing. Return to the top

Casting Time.
Casting time can vary between seconds to minutes. For lower level or inexperienced casters, they must concentrate fully on maintaining the spell until the duration has finished. Return to the top

Sphere I spells typically last as long as the caster continues focusing. Once the concentration is broken, willingly or otherwise, the ounía quickly returns to its natural state, causing the spell effect to end. Hence, the only limit to the duration is how long the caster can sustain the manipulation. However, there are two factors affecting the duration - range and size of object. Typically, the closer a mage is to the target, the easier it is to maintain focus and keep the vanishing effect. Also, the difficulty of maintaining the effects of the spell increases the larger the object is. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
Another caster skilled in Wind Magic can counter the spell by doing the opposite as the original caster: by counter-manipulating the Wind Element's influence on the object to its normal state. Though both casters may be fighting over the influence of the Wind Element on the target's ounía, it is typically the higher level caster that will succeed. If both are of the same level, it is usually the one trying to return the object to its natural state of being that will succeed, as they also have the object itself working in their favor.

Besides holding something transparent and getting used to the feeling and the understanding of the ounía of that object, there really are not any other enhancing measures to speak of. Some casters believe that rubbing Rosemint leaves on their hands makes the spell casting easier, but this is believed to simply be a superstitious practice.
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