Spell Effect. The Confusion spell forces a target’s mind to lose focus and clarity. One who has the Confusion spell cast upon them will find it difficult to learn new information and to access the knowledge they do have. They will also find it difficult to assess situations and thus can end up making decisions or taking actions that may put them in danger. Because of the danger it can cause, this spell is banned from being used by students anywhere outside the classrooms in Ximax.

This spell can be especially harmful to mages, who depend on their ability to concentrate and focus in order to cast spells. Without their concentration, mages can be rendered almost helpless. However, this spell cannot be cast on a higher level mage by a lower level mage, and the higher the level, the harder it is for them to be caught by this spell. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The Confusion spell does not require anything of the target except to be in a location where their cár’áll can be easily accessed and altered. The target does not have to relax or be in any state of mind. It tends to be easier if the target isn’t moving, though.

The caster should concentrate, locking on to the cár’áll and forcing it into disarray and chaos, spreading the wind cár'áll about in such a manner that it is next to impossible to access or learn any information or knowledge. The magical formula should be spoken alloud, especially by those who are still learning the spell. However, mages of high levels don’t always need to speak it, but can rather merely think it and achieve the same results. The formula should be spoken, or thought of, when the spell is in progress. Return to the top

Magical Formula. órin'fíer gurán, (Styrásh:
órin'fíer gurán), translated: "To Confuse the Mind" (still to be reworked). Return to the top

Target. Any sentient being. Return to the top

Reagents. None, though it may help the caster if the target ingests food with a low concentration of wind cár'áll. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Wind School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Spiritual Guidance. Return to the top

Range. The spell can be cast on almost anyone in view, but cannot usually be cast through another object. For example, the caster cannot generally cast this spell on someone who is inside of a house, even if the caster sees the target through a window. Some mages of very high levels, however, can manage to cast this spell through other objects. Return to the top

Casting Time. Casting time usually only takes about 10 to 20 seconds. Return to the top

Duration. The duration of this spell depends upon the level of the caster and the target's use of the spell. Usually a lot of mental work can wear down the spell rather quickly. Times shown below are the maximum amount of time this spell lasts if the target doesn’t go through any strenuous mental activity:

It should be noted that Confusion spells begin to wear off as soon as they are applied and, for the best results, should be renewed even if the spell is cast by a high-level mage. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
The Confusion spell can be slightly weakened by the Enlightenment spell and can be completely removed by the Dispel or Equate Cár'áll magic spells. This spell can be enhanced if the target has eaten foods containing a low amount of wind cár'áll or if they have been in an area where they have been exposed to very little wind cár'áll. Return to the top

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