Spell Effect. This spell, as the name suggests, is used to set a trap on any surface. After it is set, due to its wind nature, the trap becomes invisible, though of course, spells used to dispel/reveal invisible things will uncloak it. When sprung, the trap strikes the one activating it with a powerful bolt of lightning.

To go into detail, the caster in fact leaves a portion of his own cár’áll within the trap. The portion varies with level and intended power of the spell, and touches the Elements of Wind and a bit of Earth. After the trap is set, that piece of the cár’áll is lost for the caster, however, it will restore itself over time as all magical energy does, no matter if the trap is deactivated/sprung or not.

The power of the bolt striking the aggressor is determined by the caster’s level:

Casting Procedure. The mage has to draw the static trap symbol with silver dust on the surface where he intends to place the trap. Then he has to speak the formula, while concentrating on transferring the necessary power into the symbol. If successful, the symbol will start to glow and then vanish as instructed through the caster's cár’áll. Usually this sort of trap will not hurt the one who prepared it, unless he/she specifically sets it to do so (which is very unlikely). If everything is prepared, the trap is active and will set off if someone comes into the radius of effect. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Quael’fá’óh (Styrásh: Quael’fá’óh), literally translated: "Set sign of light". Return to the top

Target. Whatever/whoever activates the trap. The mage casting it may also specify if the trap should react on a special kind of being/thing. However, such advanced preparation of the caster's cár’áll used for the spell, can only be done if the caster at least is capable of magic of level 8 and higher. Return to the top

Reagents. Silver dust. Return to the top

Magical School.
Elemental Magic, Wind School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Not defined yet. Return to the top

Range. The range of the trap is specified by the caster, depending on his level. The spell starts on half a ped and increases at one half a ped per level beyond the initial range. Return to the top

Casting Time. Usually about half a minute. Return to the top

Duration. The trap can (theoretically) last for centuries if it is not activated – regardless of level. The exact time is not specified. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. To counter this spell, one can simply use a spell to make the trap visible and then walk around it, or one could set the trap off on something else than oneself. Also any spell giving immunity to lightning can nullify the trap effect.

To enhance this spell, one can deposit more power (cár’áll) in it, or use something to enhance the lighting strike which is produced. Return to the top

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