Spell Effect. As mages are poor fighters, and rarely carry any weapons, it is advisable to learn an offensive spell like the Static Bolt. When needed, it will make a small lightning bolt erupt from the caster's hand and strike the target, causing damage, which may range from a small wound to the death of the victim. At higher levels, the bolt of lightning is known to jump over to adjacent targets near the primary one, therefore Static Bolt is also sometimes referred to as the Chain Lightning spell.

This spell can with equal luck be used to put something on fire, as the bolt of lightning is very hot. Thus, apprentice mages often believe it to be as much fire as wind – however, it is indeed a wind, because the effect is only a consequence of the way of casting. Return to the top

The Static Bolt Spell
View picture in full size Image description: The devastating effects of the Static Bolt spell when cast at a higher level. Picture from the game Magical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Quellion.

Casting Procedure. The caster has to put his hands together, as for a prayer. Then he must concentrate while saying the formula, before quickly separating his hands. The bolt erupts form the point where the hands were merged, and has to be directed by the mind of the caster. If the caster does not direct it well, it might miss the target. The same goes for the jump effect at higher levels – the jumps have to be directed.

To go into technical detail, the effect is accomplished by altering the balance of wind/earth cár'áll in the person of the caster by actually shifting the balance of the elements from one hand to another – one hand becomes almost entirely wind, while the other becomes almost entirely earth. As an elemental tension between these extremes is generated while the hands are seperated again, the power within the cár'áll is finally released in order to allow it return to its original form. This unleashes a static charge in the process, which is then sent by the mage into a wanted direction. This process of spellcasting can perhaps be best compared with the drawing of a bow and then releasing it to shoot an arrow towards a target, with the only difference that the bolt at this spell is generated magically in the process of shooting. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Lesser light strike you! (still to be defined) Return to the top

Target. Anything or anyone can be targeted with a Static Bolt spell - however, not everything will be affected. The bolt does fire damage and also can have a the shock effect (paralysation, heart stop) on living beings. Return to the top

Reagents. None required, however, having some sand (earth reagent) between your hands is said to help on the power of this spell. Return to the top

Magical School.
Elemental Magic, Wind School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Motion (Physical Representation of Movement). Return to the top

Range. Varies with the spell level. Generally, it starts at one ped at level five and increases in regular intervals per level. Use this chart for the estimated range per level:

Level Range
Level 5 1 ped
Level 6 2 peds
Level 7 4 peds
Level 8 7 peds
Level Range
Level 9 13 peds
Level 10 20 peds
Level 11 35 peds

Casting Time. About three seconds. Return to the top

Duration. No duration, instant effect. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. A Static Bolt spell can be countered by the strengthening the Element of Earth, as it is generally the opposite to lightning. A mage proficient in earth can simply absorb this spell, for instance. Also, if the target wears metal armour/is near a lot of metal, the spell is more inclined to strike the metal, and thus requires stronger guidance to hit its target.

To enhance the spell, one can have sand between the hands when casting; optionally, water leads electricity quite well, thus if the target is wet the bolt will have a much greater impact. Return to the top

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