Spell Effect. The comfort spell helps to make those who are down and depressed, even mad with rage or lunacy, more nonchalant and lighthearted. Note that while the spell will not make the target truly happy, it can make a saddened person escape their sorrows for a time and may make the target easier to handle in a potentially serious or dangerous situation. While making the person feel more lighthearted, it can also make a person less aware of dangers and less able to make sound and reasonable decisions. Thus persons under this spell should be closely watched and protected.

The Comfort spell is only temporary, and when the spell wears off the target will be slowly returned to the original state, unless the original state has changed in the meantime due to the positive effects which were supported by the comforting. This spell is not one to be used lightly, as it may have some serious side effects. Because it tries to restore the natural spiritual equilibrum through magical means, the target may experience emotional instability for days after the spell has worn off, if not far longer, and targets may be prone to strange mood swings. A caster must take precaution in casting this spell. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The caster, before he/she even begins vasting the spell, should assess the situation and make sure it is absolutely necessary to cast the spell. If the mage can find less potentially harmful means to solve or hinder the problem, these measures should be taken. If not, the caster should relax and focus on the cár’áll of the target, gaining connection and control over it.

If a person is melancholic, depressed or enraged, the natural spiritual equilibrium of the person's cár'áll has been disrupted and needs to be realigned and restored. Like a magnet can make pieces of iron point into a certain direction, so can the realignment of the wind part of a person's cár’áll adjust a disarray of feelings through Spiritual Guidance. But as the magnet doesn't make wooden parts to point into a certain direction, but just the iron, so does Spiritual Guidance only make sure that the wind elements are realigned. While it is possible, that the other elements take the right positions during this realignment (the more wind, the more likely of course, as there's only little left of the other elements), it isn't ensured. And because this isn't ensured, the element of wind can dominate over the other elements, which are still not aligned properly, and therefore a restoration of the equilibrum may have a certain unwanted lightheartedness in the targeted person as a result, which exceeds the desired comforting intention. In some cases the target may even feel an excess of energy or the body may experience some transparency. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Heríncín (emotion/feeling) nárán (Styrásh: Emotions/feelings become cloud-like) - formula is still to be revised. Return to the top

Target. Another person: The caster cannot effectively cast the spell on him/herself. Return to the top

Reagents. Holding a feather might help. Return to the top

Magical School. Elemental Magic, Wind School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Spiritual Guidance. Return to the top

Range. In general it is necessary that the target is in view to be able to cast this spell. However, depending on the spell level, the target can be farther away:

Casting Time. Casting time also depends on the spell level:

Duration. Duration can last from some hours to days:

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. Those who know the spell can stop it before it is cast on them (if desired), though those who have a lower level may have more difficulty defending themselves. A mage of lesser level cannot cast this spell on someone who has a higher level. There is no known way in which this spell can be further enhanced. Return to the top

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