Spell Effect. Golems are magically constructed creatures, widely used by mages proficient in the art of Xeuá Magic. This spell allows the caster to create a basic golem from almost any material. The golem is bound to the caster, and will serve him without question as long as the mage can keep control. (Note: This bond does not allow a golem to move more than a 1000 peds away from its master. If the golem is forced to go beyond the limit, the bond breaks and the created golem will crumble to dust.) The golem created by this spell has the lowest intelligence of all the golems known to be created by human magic, and can only do the most basic tasks. To create more advanced golems, a different spell must be applied.

The Clay Golem
View picture in full size Image description: A wizard creating clay golems to assist him in his machinations. Picture from the game Magical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Faugar.

There are a number of limitations on what materials this spell can affect, defined as follows:

If these rules are not followed with the proper care, the spell might not work as intended. There is also a limit on how much material can be made into one golem, however, it varies with the power of the mage. Most commonly the golem is created in human shape, though other forms are possible as well if the imagination of the caster feels creative. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The symbols for life, death, and Xeuá must be drawn with ash in a triangular manner (like at many other spells dealing with creating), before the material needed is put upon them. After that, about two adles of adlemir resin must be put upon the material. When all the preparations are completed, the mage must recite the formula, while imagining that the material before him starts rising and melding together into the desired shape. If the spell works correctly, the material will shine with a dim light for a few seconds, while changing into the desired shape. After that, the golem is completed.

As you can see, creating a golem is definitely a spell, which needs longer preparation and full concentration by the caster. Therefore creating golems is not a good idea to do in a hurry or in the middle of a confrontation: Before you might be able to bring a golem to life to defend yourself, you probably aren't alive anymore. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Xeuaiá - avennaiá (Connect and awaken). Return to the top

Target. The target is the material one chose to create a golem from. If the material is not "pure", but consists of several mixed elements, the primarily dominating element is targeted. Return to the top

Reagents. Ash, adlemir resin. Return to the top

Magical School. Xeuá School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Magical Construction (still to be defined). Return to the top

Range. The mage casting this spell must stand closely to the material he wants to use (usually not more than 2 peds away). Return to the top

Casting Time. With the preparations included, about 10-20 minutes. Return to the top

Duration. Once the spell is completed, the golem created will last only for a few hours (unless destroyed) until the magical energy leaves the temporary artificial form and is relieved again to the surroundings. However, a mage may strengthen the stability of the Xeuá connections by casting further spells on the golem, allowing it a "life expectancy" of several days or even months. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. The creating spell itself can be countered easily by intercepting the mage while he casts the spell; but the main problem might be the need to destroy the created golem. The easiest way to do this is to use a destructive spell, or a mage using the power of Ecuá to unmake the golem. One can also simply destroy a golem by normal means of course, e.g. a wood golem can be set on fire.

Another, and more interesting aspect of diminishing the power of a golem, would be to take possession of the golem, stealing it from its former master by breaking its spiritual bond with the creator. As golems are normally quite strong, one would need to use a Sewer Xeuá or Fortify Ahm spell to break the connection between the golem and its creator. A Bind To Mind spell used on the golem can then be applied in order to assign a new master to the creature. Note that the creature has no mind itself, but lives only from a portion of the mind of its master, therefore you need to bind it to your own mind and you won't have any effect with mind spell at the golem itself. On the other hand attacking the mind of the mage will easily put an end to the tasks he has laid out for his/her golems to fullfil. Note as well that once the bond between the golem and the master is gone, the now former master will realize this change, even if the creature is out of sight, as it is the cár'áll bond connecting them both.

To enhance Golem Creation, one can add blood as a reagent to be spilled upon the material before the creation, thus granting the golem increased lifetime. One can also try to imbue the materials with a simple magical property either before creating the golem or afterwards. Before creation one would then need a ladle of silver dust to be placed upon the material before commencing the creation, after the creation has already taken place, methods on how magically contained energy is strengthened may vary depending on the descision of the mage which Xeuá spell he/she wants to use (e.g. Fortify Soór, Tighten Bond etc.). Still, this act will make the spell more unstable, and is usually only tried by mages of higher levels. Return to the top

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