Spell Effect. This spell makes the target feel fear of the caster by touching the target's Cár’áll and sending a small magical pulse through it. The pulse makes the target feel fear for the caster without any apparent reasons as it seems. In fact the spell draws frightening memories of the target (real or taken from dreams) to its surface and connects these pictures with the caster through a spoken word, thus rendering the caster to a representation of pure horror in the imagination of the target.

When the effect is gone, the target will not remember what scared it, just that something scared it. The grade of fear varies, and depends on the power and will of the mage contra eventual resistances of the target (courage, magic resistance etc.). Powerful mages can make the boldest warrior run away in terrible fear with this spell, but it is mainly used by mages to avoid any physical contact with opponents, so that they can concentrate on spellcasting instead of fighting. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The caster recites the formula while concentrating his will on the subject. The effect applies immediately, usually causing the target to run for its life or even to become unconsciousness. If cast the usual way, this spell sends only one pulse, and can only strike one target.

However, this spell may also be cast on multiple targets, sending out a whole wave of frightening magic. Any target that is touched by this wave will be affected then. This requires great powers in magic and a strong will, and the effect varies on the amount of targets. Return to the top

Magical Formula. Er'Omá'Riás: Daern (Styrásh: "Er'Omá'Riás: Daern"), literally meaning "By my will: Fear". Return to the top

Target. Any sentient being. Animals, beasts and monsters can not be affected at all by the spell. Return to the top

Reagents. The mage can use practically anything which can nurture fears in the target, especially if he/she knows what the target interprets as scary in particular. Usually human bones, blood or skulls are quite effective in this respect. Return to the top

Magical School. Xeuá Magic. Return to the top

Spell Class. Mentalism. Return to the top

Range. Depends on the power of the caster, usually up to 6 peds as normal, and up to 4 peds as wave. Return to the top

Casting Time. 10-20 seconds, may take longer if more people are targeted. Return to the top

Duration. Depending on how afraid the target got. Usually the affected target runs away and calms down sometime after it is out of the caster's sight. If the target can resist the spell pretty well, it may still be able to take actions without fleeing, but probably for the price of a longer duration of the spell, resulting in impaired actions. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. What might weaken the effect of the spell: Courage of the target, magic resistance in general, mind spells resistance. Also spells that boost the courage of the target. Return to the top

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