Spell Effect. A spell valued among many wizards proficient in the arts of Xeuá, "Advanced Golem Creation" can be seen as a more potent version of the basic "Golem Creation" spell. This spell allows one to create a golem of nearly any material imaginable. There are minor restrictions based on the caster level, as follows:

A golem raised by this spell has quite formidable intelligence, compared to a golem created with the related minor spell. Though not really intelligent, the golem can remember, recognize and generally make its own conclusion. Some golems (level 9) are also able to speak minor words, and say things the caster has ordered them to say.

Once such a golem is created, a telepathical link is created, binding it to its master. The link is much stronger than that of a basic golem, and while the basic one lasts only to a maximum of a 1000 peds in distance, this one lasts for up to 4000 peds at the initiate level, adding 1000 peds per level above the initiate. This link also allows the caster to look through the eyes of the golem, thus making it a powerful spy tool. Return to the top

Casting Procedure. The caster has to draw a circle with ash, on the ground or the floor. Then, he must draw the symbols for life, death and xeuá in a triangular manner inside this circle. After this is done, the mage must speak the first formula, balancing the ahm and soór in the circle. If this is correctly done, the runes will glow a ghastly blue color.

After the first phase is done, the materials, artifacts etc. must be placed upon this circle. Then, the caster must place two or three pinches of dried yahrle leaves upon the material, before the second formula is read. (It should be noted, that any enchantments one wants upon the material, must be placed on it before the second formula is read.) The second formula establishes weak connections among the materials, as well as preparing the fusion.

Once this is done, one adle of adlemir resin must be placed on top of everything, before the actual creation can begin. To begin the creation, the mage has to read the third formula aloud, connecting the materials with spiritual bonds, allowing for a physical connection. After that, the mage has to concentrate deeply, yet stay relaxed, balancing the ahm and soór within his own cár’áll, as well as imagining the desired form for the golem. After the balance is achieved, and while the picture of the golem is in his mind, he must read the fourth formula. This action connects the materials physically, melding them into the desired form. Once the caster sees that the melding is completed, the golem is nearly done, yet the most important part remains. By imagining a clear bond between the golem and himself, the caster must recite the fifth formula, thus granting the golem a basic intelligence and creating the telepathically bond between the two. If this is done correctly, a bright light will encase the golem, and after it is gone, the creation is complete. To try the new golem, a mage is usually taking a few steps, ordering the golem to walk after him. Return to the top

Magical Formula. There are a total of five formulas needed for this spell, written down below (still to be revised thoroughly!):

Target. The target is the prepared material(s) in front of the caster. Return to the top

Reagents. Ash, dried yahrle leaves and powdered adlemir resin. Return to the top

Magical School. Xeuá School. Return to the top

Spell Class. Still to be decided. Return to the top

Range. This spell is executed upon the materials directly in front of the caster. Return to the top

Casting Time. From twenty to thirty minutes with all preparations included. Return to the top

Duration. Once the spell is done, the created golem can last for many years. The longest living golem is said to have lasted 150 years. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures. To counter this spell, one can destroy the golem by force or magical means. This could be a mace, a sword, or for example an ecuá spell.

Another, and more interesting way of "countering", would be to "steal" the golem from the caster, to break the bond between caster and his creation. It is, however, quite much harder than with a basic golem. These golems usually have powerful magical abilities, as well as exceptional strength. One can break its link with its master, but it is as well a formidable task. One must be stronger than the caster in the art of magic, as well as be able to take control of the golem immediately after the link is broken. One must as well be aware that if the link breaks, the former master will know where it happened, as well as what the golem experienced when and before it happened.

To enhance this spell, one can use several different reagents. (Note: All these reagents must be used together with the adlemir resin before the third formula is read.) However, each extra reagent form this least will require one level above the spell initiate level to work correctly (e.g. If you use two of these, you must be at least level 8). The reagents used, as well as the effect, are listed below:

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