Spell Effect. The Create Elemental spell allows a wizard to create a very powerful being known as an elemental by concentrating on the strengthening of certain elemental xeuá bonds within the target's cár'áll. As the name of the created result already implies, the focussing of the energy is done in exclusive favour of one of the four elements (wind, earth, fire, water). Herein also lies the difference between golem and elemental creation: While a golem receives its life's energy directly from the caster when it is created (and still holds a bond to the mage's cár'áll afterwards), an elemental is the product of the direct focussing of magical energy on a certain element (e.g. a campfire) to only intensify an already existing connection within the targeted cár'áll (in this case fire) and thus create life on its own from the element itself.

The Air/Wind Elemental The Earth Elemental The Water Elemental The Fire Elemental

The various types of Elementals. Click on pictures to enlarge. All pictures drawn by Quellion.

The created elemental is only bound to the caster when created, however, as the energies of the elements are violent and hard to control, the elemental will break free of the caster's guidance as soon as it is powerful enough, thus becoming a danger to everyone in its way. Casting Create Elemental therefore is limited to only very powerful mages, who are also capable of casting further spells with the intention to lead the actions of the elemental towards certain directions. Elementals don't have "minds" in the common sense, but consist mainly (aside from their physical appearance) of a pure elemental will to survive and may react very unpredictable to attempts to harness this will. It's not uncommon that elementals turn against their "masters" right after being created and if the spell meant to control the creature fizzles or the elemental cannot be destroyed by other means immediately, the mage will be the first target of attack of his own creation. Return to the top

Casting Procedure.
The caster must have one of the four elements near him from which the elemental will be produced. The amount of elemental energy existing in the targeted substance doesn't necessarily need to be extremely high (as long as a certain minimum is there), because missing cár'áll may be transfered during spellcasting from the mage to the target. However, additional cár'áll transfer during spellcasting will of course drain the mage and he/she may need these energies dearly later in order to control the elemental.

To initiate the spell the wizard must also have powdered adlemir resin on his hands while casting, to amplify the power of xeuá. After these preparations are made, the wizard must focus, imagining the form the elemental should have, while reading the formula. If successful, the element before him will start growing into the intended shape. Then, the wizard must say “xeua” (Styrásh xeua, connect), trying to bind the temporarily dispersed elemental energies of the target together again to form new life, now under domination of the primarily targeted element.
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Magical Formula.
Reollan car’amn er amn ("Grant life force by power"). [Still to be adjusted.] Return to the top

The substance in front of the caster, which should bear an exceeding amount of cár'áll of the primarily targeted elemental. Return to the top

Powdered adlemir resin. Return to the top

Magical School.
Xeuá School. Return to the top

Spell Class.
Construction. Return to the top

Very short range, the target must be directly in front of the caster, usually not more than 1 ped. Return to the top

Casting Time.
About 10-20 minutes. Return to the top

Elementals will soon "burn out" (unless strengthened further temporarily and controlled by a mage), usually they'll last not longer than a few hours - which by the way usually is enough to do a lot of havoc. For comparison: Golems usually last much longer and powerful enchantments are said to keep them alive for years and even centuries, something which is not possible with elementals: such a high concentration of elemental energy in general cannot be maintained for a longer period than a few hours. Return to the top

Counter Measures/Enhancing Measures.
To destroy the created elemental, one can use a regular physical or a magical attack. One can also use e.g. water spells to extinguish a fire elemental, which in general is the most efficient way to get rid of too powerful creatures. However, destroying elementals often is very difficult, as their unleashed elemental power also needs powerful spells to counter. If the mage's energies are already mostly used up during the creation of the elemental, the uncontrolled elemental could pose a severe problem...

To enhance an elemental, certain spells to stabilize the violent energies can be applied, thus making the elemental easier to control/making it last longer.
Note: Mind spells won't work at elementals at all, as they don't possess intelligence in the common sense, only intelligence fed by the psychical manifestation of their physical energies. Return to the top

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