The Silvermarshes

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The Silvermarshes is a geographically diverse area in the northern province of Nermeran, just southeast of Nyermersys and west of the Allsiscaey mountain range. There are three main areas to it: the northern upper marsh, known variously as the Helmondsshire, the Silvershire, or the Helmond Polder, which is settled by the hobbits. The southern lower marsh, where mullogs live, is known as Wetholm (hobbit name), Ga-lum-be (mullog name) or just the Lower Marsh, which is what most humans call it. These two main areas are separated by a gigantic ridge of greenery-covered stone, over which the upper marsh drains into the lower. It is known as the Water Gate. The third and much smaller area of the Silvermarshes is the dread Despondmire. Created by death magics many centuries ago, the aura of anguish and decay hangs around it still. Almost nothing thrives there, and even the mullogs avoid it assiduously. Map composed by Bard Judith and Artimidor.