The world of Caelereth, elvish Aér'aí'chán (Styrásh: Aér'aí'chán or Aér'aí'chán) consists of six continents (in alphabetical order): Akdor, the desert continent of Aeruillin, the icelands of Cyhalloi, Nybelmar, Sarvonia as the biggest continent of the world (divided into the barbarian lands to the north and civilized lands to the south), and finally Yamalquain, the continent of isles. You can view a general map below:

View picture in full size Picture description. The World of Caelereth with its six continents. Note: This map is still provisional - it will be updated whenever new maps are completed. Map drawn by Artimidor.

There exist lots of maps in the world of Caelereth, which you can access directly by clicking the links below. The maps are sorted by size of what they represent (World Maps, Continents, Continent Details, Islands, Zoomed Maps and finally Town Maps).


World Maps

Caelereth 800x600 The World of Caelereth, 800x600, usable as desktop pic
Caelereth 1024x768 The World of Caelereth, 1024x768, usable as desktop pic
Caelereth 1603x1236 The World of Caelereth, 1603x1236, full detail


Aeruillin The Continent of Aeruillin
Akdor The Continent of Akdor
Cyhalloi The Continent of Cyhalloi (rough outlines only)

Provinces Map

Manthrian Map The Province of Manthria (2036x2112), full detail

Continent Details

Continent #1 Sarvonia
Sarvonia South I The United Kingdom of Santharia
Sarvonia South (Kingdoms) The ancient Southern Sarvonian Kingdoms
Sarvonia South (Provinces) The Provinces of the United Kingdom of Santharia
Sarvonia South (Rivers) The Rivers of the United Kingdom of Santharia
Sarvonia South II The Rahaz-Dath Desert
Sarvonia North I The Lands of the Kuglimz (*)
Sarvonia North II The Peninsula of Caael'heroth (*)
Sarvonia North III The Lands of the Kanapan (*)
Sarvonia North IV North East Sarvonia: The Icelands Coast (*)
Sarvonia North V North East Sarvonia: The Icelands Coast (Ice Tribes)
Sarvonia North VI Northernmost Sarvonia: Peninsula of Iol (*)
Sarvonia North VII Northernmost Sarvonia: Kanapan Tribes Map
Continent #2 Nybelmar
Nybelmar Complete Map of Nybelmar (format 1000x750)
Nybelmar NE The Northeastern Continent
Nybelmar NW The Northwestern Continent
Nybelmar SE The Southeastern Continent
Nybelmar SW The Southwestern Continent
Kingdoms Map Political Map of Nybelmar


Crimson Isles The Crimson Isles
Dorania The Kingdom of Dorania
Denilou Isle discovered by the dwarf Brok Strongarm, east of Santharia
Isles of Quios The Isles of Quios
Mythe The Isle of Mythe, located at another plane of existence connected to Aér'aí'chán
R'unor The Isles of R'unor, far to the east of Santharian lands. 

Detailed Maps

Silvermarshes Map of the Silvermarshes area
Silvermarshes II Map of the Silvermarshes area (Parchment)
Vardýnn North Map of Northern Vardýnn/Eastern Nermeran