Bodily Digits. Throughout the Kingdom of Santharia one may hear many different dialects, local expressions, interesting proverbs and songs, and, of course, specific folk words for certain things. One of the more interesting 'tells' to judge one's location within the Kingdom would be to simply ask a child or granny what they call the various fingers on their hands.

Those useful digits we know as 'Thumb, Forefinger, Middle, Ring, and Pink', have their own particular names everywhere, and in some places their own songs or riddles. Surely many of us heard our mother or grandam chant this or a similar rhyme when we were small:

"I have five sturdy serving men -
They do their duty well,
On either hand
They curl or stand
And here their names I'll spell..."

Of course, here the ditty will deviate considerably, depending upon where the singer was raised, and one may reliably guess the province, if not the very town, of birthplace, if one has the knowledge we have gathered for you here below. Not all tribes are represented, as our wandering bards may not have yet reported in with their findings, and there is, as always with any attempt of the Compendium to map linguistic areas, much overlap, variation, and blending. Be that as it may – enjoy the variety here given, and the next time you count your change out on your fingers at the marketplace, see if some of the picturesque names do not run through your head!

Tribe/Language Bodily Digits
Averish Grabbler, Tousher, Middie, Ringie, Pinky
Caltharian Hame, Stirrer, Longman, Rover, Dingle
Central Santharia/ New-Santharla Thumb, Forefinger, Midfinger, Ringfinger, Pink
Darian Thumble, Pointer, Middy, Heartfinger, Pinkie
Erpheronian Hiltfinger/Thumb, Bowyer, Proudman, Ring, Page

Leader, Merchant, Fighter, Farmer, Salter

Modern or 'city' Eyelians have been known to use Leader, Merchant, Fighter, Farmer, Salter - however, everyone from granther to toddler knows the old names, as in this rhyme below. Note that they begin with the first finger and end with the thumb 'finishing the set'.

Little Eyelians count on pack numbers five
The first being Alpa, like a wolf in disguise
Onto Ursa, Mighty and Tall
And Grota the third as the heart of it all
Little Eaglet is the smallest finger yet
And short, sturdy, Jay finishes the set.

Glandorian Thumb, Fore, Mid, Ring, Pipkin

Literal-minded northerners that they are, call them simply:

Vir'ng - Thumb (lit. "finger one")
Nuk'ng - Second finger (lit. "finger two")
Mur'ng - Third finger (lit "finger three")
Nek'ng - Fourth finger (lit. "finger four")
Teig'ng - Fifth finger (lit. "finger five")

However, they do also have nicknames, as seen in the delightful little rhyme below, which Kuglimz mothers teach their babies:

Vir, la’la’ng - One [is] mama thumb
Nuk, v’lyr’ng - Two [is] oldest son
Mur, den sah’ng - Three [is] tall daddy
Nek, mara wyn’ng - Four [is] golden girl (“mara’wyn” is the Kuglimz term for a daughter who is her daddy’s “princess”)
Cone, cym'ng - Last [is] little one!

Shan’Thai Dumth, Tosher (Toucher), Midfin’er, Leche, Babe
Sophronian Thoom, Pointer, Langley, Nextle, Lastle
Stratanian Tomm, Bes, Saylo, Hart, Pip
 Date of last edit 1st Rising Sun 1668 a.S.

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