Anthioullsn (200-approx. 100 b.S.) was Ylfferhim Leias and later on High Rónn of the wood elves, who was opposed to the dark elven lord Saban Blackcloak, the Móh'rónn. He was one of the greatest Ylfferhim, who - according to the prophecy of the Ionmis Globe - managed to capture the Móh'rónn's heir in a final confrontation at the Thaelon while he lost his own son as well as his life in the dungeons of Alvang. His deeds will ever be remembered among the Ylfferhim elves.

The Ylfferhim Leias Anthioullsn

View picture in full size Pic description. The famous Ylfferrhim Leias Anthioullsn, who became High Rónn of the wood elves. Image drawn by Enayla.

Biography. Anthioullsn had one of the briefest reigns of any of the Ylfferhim Leias, but one of the most revered periods of Ylfferhim history and a period about which the bards tell and retell the stories. So often have they been told in fact, that it is difficult to seperate fact exactly from fiction, despite the period being relatively recent to elven minds. This account is as close to factual as is possible.

Anthioullsn was the son of an elven ranger, and spent much of his early life in Drwsyl, a lonely and isolated outpost near the edge of the Quallian forest. He never met his mother, some stories say he was half human (though humans rarely, if ever saw a Ylfferhim elf), others say that his mother was even a fairy or a Brownie perhaps (though one has to wonder about the physical practicalities of such a match). By all means there was always something quite odd about the child. As an adult he was shorter in stature than most of his race and while physically looking very elf-like, and certainly a very attractive elf at that, there was always something a little curious about the way he thought - not always elf-like at all...

Apprentice. Anthioullsn was very much interested in all things mechanical. He had a great love for humans and their inventive minds. When he was 10 years old he left his father and went to study as an apprentice to a trader of jewels and jewelry in Yln'fain'tir. Here he spent much time in listening to local lore and tales of humans and life outside of the Quallian, and he longed to see beyond the trees of his homeland. He also developed a great fascination for dwarves and their ways, while still keeping a great respect for the Gods, and especially, as all good Ylfferhim children do, a special reverence for Seyella. Though deep down he always professed a deep desire to take Urtengor as his personal God.

The vast amount of time Anthioullsn spent with the bards probably should have cost him his job, but he had a natural talent for working and identifying good quality gem stones. At the age of 19, however, he met the highest bard of them all, right hand man to the Avá'ránn and prophet beyond equal, Bard Elothis. Elothis "had a feeling" about the boy from the moment he met him. He persuaded Anthioullsn to quit his apprenticeship and began grooming the boy to take over as Leias when the time came, teaching him to read and write and all there was to know about the world inside the forest and out.

Elothis was a learned and travelled elf however, and before he was even nearly done teaching Anthioullsn came to take his seat as Leias. Convincing the council that Anthioullsn was the proper choice as being Veris' sucessor was not an easy task, but Elothis was more learned than any elf the Quallian had known before or since and eventually the council bowed to his will.

Leias. At the beginning it seemed that Elothis might have been wrong, however. Anthioullsn was strong willed with his own agendas that were not always for the good of his tribe. He would often leave the forest in search of the dwarven cities and human settlements and be gone for weeks even months at a time. Worse still the Rónn showed no ability for use of the Ionmis globe, the tool with the Ylfferhim Leias had used to derive important future events for centuries. Nor did he shown any willingness to learn or to try. Terrified at the prospect of being led by a leader blind to the future the Council began to move to dispose Anthioullsn, and would probably been sucessful if it hadn't been for external events.

In 125 b.S. The half-elf Saban Blackcloak, later on known as the Móch'rónn (the Dark Lord), was married to Axiastras, the Avá'ránn (the High Elven Queen) and holder of leadership of the High Elven Circle. A meeting was called urgently of all wood elven tribes in the Thaelon. The Ylfferhim felt compelled at this time of great need to attend the organisation that they had shunned since their independence. There was no time for internal wrangling, Anthioullsn gave Elothis the Ionmis and took the Bard as his consultant on his every action. Together they traveled to the meeting of the High Elven Circle, which was in total disarray. No leader could be decided on. The Quaelhoirhim were looking to take up the High Avanship once again, and were supported by the moderate and peaceful Maeverhim and Cyrathrhim. However, the Quaelhoirhim monarchs had held the leadership of the circle for the last three cyles put of five. Many tribes felt that their views were not being represented, and tribes that were ready to fight and tactically more gifted felt that they should assume leadership. After days of arguments no compromise could be reached.

High Rónn. Anthioullsn had quietly impressed most of the leaders. He was tactically minded, ready for war. At the same time he hailed from a tribe that was known for its neutrality and cautiousness. He seemed like the obvious choice. In 125 b.S. Anthioullsn was named High Ronn of the wood elven people.

Though officially through marriage the Móch'rónn was the rightful holder of the title of High Elven Rónn, most of the elven tribes refused to recognize him over Anthioullsn, who they had chosen, in line with their ancient traditions; nor his heir, the baby Serveran. This angered the Móch'rónn more than anything else. Yet again the bastard half-elf had been snubbed by his own people. But more, he hated Anthioullsn, no more than a half-elf himself, who had been chosen over him. However, the Móch'rónn was clever and while his hatred for the wood elves and their Rónn Anthioullsn grew deeper and more bitter by the day, the Móch'rónn bided his time and set about creating an army with the force to destroy the elves completely.

In the meantime, Anthioullsn began trying to reunite the elven tribes at a time when relationships were particularly strained. He found that his softly spoken manner and slightly dogmatic, single minded nature made him an excellent diplomat, and relations began to improve. He also took the opportunity to meet humans and dwarves, something he had wanted to do since childhood. He forged many good relations with human tribal leaders, who were flattered by the high esteem that he held them in.

The War with Saban. In 110 b.S. Saban Blackcloack founded the enclave Alvang. From here minions and dark elves were recruited and dispatched. The Forces of Coór embodied were for the first time organised by an elf. The Móch'rónn demanded tribute as rightful High Rónn from all elven tribes. Those that refused were battered by waves of attacks by dark elves and orcs, organised by the Móch'rónn at Alvang. Initially only the Ylfferhim were targeted, but their closed nature and hidden cities meant that the dark forces found it very difficult to target their attacks, though a large tract of forest was destroyed by fires started by the enemy. The Móch'rónn needed a new way to hurt Anthioullsn. It was not long before the Dark Elven Lord had the perfect assault.

To dent Anthioullsn's popularity with other tribes attacks were launched on all the tribes who did not recognise his lordship over them. Particularly hard hit were the Quaelhoirhim, whose relation to the Ylfferhim made them prime target, but also the peace loving Maeverhim, who had no means of defending their home. Attacks on the Tethinrhim in 108 and early in 107 b.S., were seen by the tribes warriors without much trouble. Despite Anthioullsn's tactical ability, coordinating all the tribes into a joined counter movement proved nigh or impossible. In spring of 106 b.S. an emergency meeting of the Elven Circle in the Ría of the Tethinrhim, called for Anthioullsn, as their leader to do something. Anything.

Anthioullsn consulted for many days with Elothis, but neither could find a tactically sound solution. However, events would change that. While Anthioullsn was in the Ría forces from Alvang sacked the Quaelhoirhim city of Har'leve'them, where Anthioullsn's son Tiri'lym was leading the resistance against Saban. Tiri'lym was captured and taken by his capturers to back to the dungeons under Alvang. Greatly pleased was the Móch'rónn. A great public execution was arranged to take place in that most sacred of elven places, the Thaelon, and messengers were sent to all the lands of what was to take place. Elothis looked into Ionmis, but both he and Anthioullsn knew what must be done...

Encounter at the Thaelon. In the Month of the Burning Heavens in 106 b.S. a great host from Alvang descended on the Thaelon. They raised a high platform, heavily guarded and defended on all sides. At the end of the month the great Dark Elven Lord himself arrived with his captive, and his own heir, a child of just four years of age. People from all races and tribes arrived to watch. The Móch'rónn ascended the platform and raised his great sword above Tiri'lym's head and asked out loud, "Where is your False King now? Will you not all now bow before the one true and rightful Rónn?"

Records differ as to what happened next. The most common version of the tale is that Elothis got to his feet and shouted "Never!" There was the deepest of silences. "Never!" shouted Elothis again, this time joined by a few of those watching. "Never! Never! Never! Never!" grew the chanting louder and louder. The Great Dark Lord grew more and more irritated and ordered for his minions to kill all present. Little did he know that Anthioullsn had engineered the crowd to consist of the finest warriors from all the tribes, and those from human origin who were sympathetic to Anthioullsn. The battle would have been a blood bath, the Alvang troops outnumbered the crowd 16 to 1, if it had not been for the hidden escape tunnels mined by dwarves from the site at Anthioullsn request (for a price). Anthioullsn, would for the rest of his life mourn the damage that they caused to the sacred forest.

In the total confusion, Anthioullsn grabbed Saban's son and heir, Serveran, and dragged him into a tunnel, the child kicking and screaming. He gave him to Elothis. The bard knew what must be done. Bidding his old friend and mentor farewell he ran back up the tunnel in a desperate effort to save his own son, but too late. The Móch'rónn, too late, had noticed the disapperance of his heir and had killed Tiri'lym in a fit of rage. Anthioullsn squared up to his old adversary, the first time in all the years that they had met. Anthioullsn looked the Móch'rónn in the eye, "My son is dead, but I swear that if not by my hand, then by your own son's hand you will die!" Anthioullsn drew his sword, but a dark elf drew his bow and shot Anthioullsn, deeply wounding him. He was taken captive back to Alvang where he was tortured and imprisoned, ever hoping that he would hear news of Elothis and Serveran.

No news ever came during Anthioullsn's lifetime, though it is true that Elothis hid the child with the remote Sanhorrhim, who brought the child up to know the beauty of Avá's creation, and that he did eventually lead the assault against Alvang (62 a.S.). Though true to form, Anthioullsn's prophecy that Serveran would kill Saban never came to pass, at least not directly. Though without the bridges that Anthioullsn had built with human tribes, the assault could never have been successful. Serveran survived the trap his father had set up for him at Alvang and would accompany the heroes Eyrin Fontramonn and Leander S'Ingevendar to the depths of Hegedorn, where the Móch'rónn would finally meet his destiny.

It is said by some bards that Anthioullsn was persuaded to lay down his life (reportedly in 100 b.S,) when a vison of Grothar appeared to him, offering him the chance to become his apprentice and fulfill a life that should have been simple. Others say that he never did lay down his life, but was carried down into the Hèckranian volcano and would defend the Earthen Titan and once again save the Dream from the forces of Coór.

Anthioullsn: Greatest of the Ylfferhim, lowest of the prophets.

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