The Kiingerim dwarf Dolo Groilin (?–302 b.S.), also often referred to as "The Searcher" was born as a simple thief and died as a City Hero of Tyr Faerath, titled by the Council. He was the one who returned the Morongetyr (the famous Soul of the City), the greatest jewel ever found by the Kiingerim, to Tyr Faerath after it was stolen. With that he saved the city from its doom and was loved by all Kiingerim. He also strengthened the Thieves Guild's reputation.

Appearance. Two stories are told about the appearance of the Searcher. The oldest ones, told by his friends and also the most reliable sources, say he was a rather small dwarf, even for Kiingerim standards. Not only short, but also slim for a dwarf. They say his face was thin and that he kept his black beard big and fluffy to compensate that. He had a wild look in his eyes, constantly on guard. His whole appearance was wild and twitchy. The only calm part of him were his hands who were as steady as the rocks of the city. His clothes were neither especially fine nor especially worn. He was so said to blend in fine with a crowd.

The second story sprung to life right after his funeral. That story, also a song in fact, tells us that he was a large and powerful dwarf. The tale goes that his hands, feet and head were big as if to point out to how great a thief he must have been. Also we are told that his beard was white from birth, and that he had stolen gold plaited into it. Having white beard from birth is unusual but not impossible. At least twenty known
Kiingerim persons grew white beard from their first days. These dwarves often become advisors to merchants and council-members as white beard is considered to be a sign of knowledge. 
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Personality. The stories here on Dolo's personality are also a bit apart, but not as much as about his appearance. The story related to his closest friends say he was a bit insecure and wild. The mainly glorifying sources say he was calm as a mountain lake. Once again it is probably the first one which is probably correct.

The reason Dolo was such a famous thief probably was that he was on his guard all the time. He was only surprised once and thrown into jail for stealing some jewellery.

To his friends he was good and to his enemies he was not. Whenever he was betrayed his revenge was always without violence. He set his enemies up, often so that they were arrested.

There are stories telling us that he often showed up at his enemies' house and simply killed them for their deeds. That, we know, is not true as there only were two murders in Tyr Faerath during his life and in both cases the person who committed the crime confessed.

The old story also says he was fair and shared what he stole with those who helped him. At the Guild he always sat in the corners talking quietly with friends.  Return to the top

Biography. Childhood Obscurity. As with most thieves Dolo Groilin's father was a thief too and that causes most thieves to be born in obscurity. No one knows when or where he was born, though it is believed to be around 380 b.S. At that time the city was more prosperous than ever and lives for the thieves were easy. When the bakery has five loafs on a shelf he watches them carefully, but when he has twenty he pays more attention to his customers. That is a fact most thieves know about.
Dolo learned from his father how to steal and how to trick honest dwarves. He found a friend in Gorol Kilin. Together they started gaining a reputation as young master thieves and they got other followers. It is said that a thief has to be 55 years old before he can enter the Thieves Guild of the city so all those who are not old enough just walk the streets. Gorol became the leader of the pack but it was Dolo who was the best thief. He could walk into a store, say “Hello“ to the owner and walk out with something two seconds later. The older ones of the Thieves Guild heard of this young dwarf with exceptional skill and his father was so proud he could have burst, at least this is what our sources tell us.

Entering the Thieves Guild. Then the day finally came. The day when Dolo could enter the Guild. He was greeted with the usual ceremonies but the leader of the Guild, Korlo, also said to all those who wanted to listen that this was one thief the world would know of. Dolo just smiled and sat in his corner.

Then the day came that would change Dolo's entire personality. He was nearly caught. Some guard happened to be near when he came out of a store where the owner had recognised him. The guards ran after him, but Dolo managed to get away by finding his way through a busy markets. After that incident Dolo was more on guard and even less talkative. His reputation was still as high though.

The Theft of the Soul. Dolo kept on stealing and lived a good life. He even learned to read and write from Korlo. The Guildleader was 278 years old and had been a militant before entering this line of work. He was educated at the Schools and had been an Ong at TrumChaor. He decided that Dolo would be his successor as leader of the Guild as a successor needed to read and write. As Korlo said: "Those agents from the military don’t like to meet. They much rather send notes and you will need to read those and answer them."

Life went on for the thieves and one day when Dolo was about 80 years of age, not yet a full-grown dwarf, one of those notes came to Korlo. It said that he would send his seven best thieves to aid the city. The task would be hard and the reward great. Korlo sent six of his old friends and the young Dolo, who just had time to say good bye to his father and his best friend Gorol.

When the dwarf from the spies came he told the story quickly. The seven of them were shocked and a bit stressed. The Soul was lost and it was up to them to take it back within a month. But in a way they all felt honoured.

In the centre of the town the thieves split up and started their search. It is known that Dolo went down to the gates before he headed out into the wilderness. After that no one saw him for a month. A month that most dwarves continued their lives like they always had, but for the Council and the leader of the Thieves Guild, it was a month of anxiety.

The Regaining of the Soul of City. Dolo found the tracks of the one who had taken the Soul and tracked them through the desert to the east. There were fifteen of them, all Kavogerim mercenaries. Dolo then used his skills and cleverness to take them out, often by letting them kill each other.

When Dolo killed the last one he was cut in his leg and he also found a journal he took with him (see "The Forgotten Journals"). With his eyes damaged by the bright sun and with an infection in his leg, he started to walk and run back to his home.

On the very last day of the month he returned to Tyr Faerath and delivered the stone back to the Council. Shortly after that he fell down, unconscious. His friends at the Guild carried him back to his house were he died the following day.

The Aftermath. After his death the Council named him Dolo the Searcher and gave him the title of Tribe Hero. Only a few dwarves have ever been titled Hero. The funeral was the grandest in history and he was laid to his final rest beside the Morongetyr in the vault.
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Importance. To the world outside the dwarven clans of Nybelmar Dolo Groilin is not known to many. But to those who live inside the city he saved, he is one of the greatest heroes of all time.  Dolo saved the city with his last deed and was granted a place in all Kiingerim hearts. During his entire life he was know as Dolo the Thief, but after his heroic capture of the Morongetyr he was know as Dolo the Searcher.

After his death, all the thieves of
Tyr Faerath were called Searchers and dwarves in general did not despise their "profession" as much any more.
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