(1663-1626 b.S.) Also known under the names "Longstep" and "Dragonheart". Young and talented soldier fighting within the Dragonstorm, part of the Royal Guard. Nephew of Amalthea from the house of Eithar. Left Voldar in the Year of Darkness (1649 b.S.) with a band of citizens to search for light and a new home in the south. Founder of the city of Strata.

The Founder of Strata Drafas Tristin

View picture in full size Picture description. The Founder of Strata Drafas Tristin. Note the phoenix medallion around his neck, signifying his Erpheronian roots. Image drawn by Shayan Ashkani.

As a young kid he became like many other youngsters with him impressed by the legions of Voldar fighting for the cause of their country and as youth of sixteen Drafas joined the Erpheronian army. He quickly made promotion and became part of the elite guard garrisoned in the very Castle of Maengolth himself, the famous Thyrrinth's Hold.

When the Dragonstorm ravaged through the kingdom Drafas defended along with the rest the castlewalls of the fortress and also witnessed how Katya Ileri Dain defended and victored over the dragons beyond hope. But after her glorious victory he heard of the bargain which would be made with the priests of Foiros,the Burning One, and was saddened, even angered. Though he protested at the adresse of his aunt, Amalthea, having a major influence in the Ruling Council, she would not listen. When the sun went down for the last time that year the land darkened, and so did his heart.

Only two months could he resist his feelings, helping the city rebuild and undoing the damage the Dragons had caused in their rage. But at one point he couldnít ignore them any longer and decided to leave, to search for a new home with a new light.

He found many willing to join him, willing to leave the place where so many had perished and so much was lost, but the people were persuaded by the authorities to stay and help with all the repairing. Drafas left on foot, joined by a small company of men and women. Their number is unknown as many recordings of that departure speak of tens to tens of thousands. But the band left, on their hard quest into the unknown and wild country south.

When the travellers after several months reached the most southern cape of the Sarvonian Continent, diminished by the dangers that had crossed thier path, a new day dawned for the first time again. Drafas and his band had lost count of the days in their many adventures, but when they saw the sun dawning in the south they agreed unanimously that this was the place they had sought for and founded a town upon the ruins they encountered there. Drafas called it simply "Strata". It was a styrŠsh name, meaning "south". The people following Drafas from this time on were refered to as the Stratanians.

Thus Strata was found and while building up the new city Drafas ruled over the cape and its surroundings. His rule was firm but wise and he formed the base of what would become one of the most thriving trade cities of the south, establishing contacts with nearby lying cities as well with those on weeks sailing. But Drafas' happy days did not last for long.

Again his heart darkened and this time he did not know why. He traveled many a time alone in the area of his own created city, seeking for what was wrong with him. Healers and Shamans were summoned to search for a cure, but they didnít found him ill, indeed they found him even more stronger than he had ever been before. It was in the year 1630 b.S. that it finally became clear what had happened to him.

Once more he had set out for a lone trip, but when the curfew sounded through Strata, and the freshmade gates of the town closed slowly the king hadnít arrived. A patrol was sent out, and this is exactly what was reported:

'We had only rode a few minutes when we heard a very familiar roaring sound and when we looked up it was indeed what we feared at the hearing of the sound. A dragon had pursued us and sure was going to ruin our newly founded city. But before our eyes the great creature landed softly before us and with a unhunman shriek he fell down upon the ground, changing formÖ to become our king! We were astonished and couldnít speak a word, but instead he did: "Go back, go back and leave me be, you canít help me, not now, not ever." Thatís when he run away. It took us a few seconds to recover from what we had seen and we tried to pursue our leader and find him, but we lost him.'

It is said that ultimately Drafas took a dragon form to become the only Dragon south of the Anaios Gap, but his lair has never been found. After his disappearance his younger brother Gerwon took command of the city as Drafas had left no other family. Drafas was given the name "Longstep", because of the march south he had led and "Dragonheart" because of his dragon shapeshifting.

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