The most famous of all Kuglimz is undoubtedly a man of the Helvet’ine Kuglim - he is Dro’go Minar’ian (which is translated as “Bright Eagle of the line of Minar"), though commonly known to his peers as Drogo. Biographers estimate his birth date is ca. 1637. Not known simply in the cold Northlands from which he hails, but also throughout all of Caelereth. It is an amazing sight indeed to see this burly barbarian from the North hob knobbing with the high nobles of the Santharian court, clothed in furs and golden armbands while they wear fine linens and tasseled slippers. He has even traveled to the Isles of Quios to set up trade agreements with the powerful Stormcloak Shipping Guild. Few have come as far as the displaced barbarian youth that was driven into Santharia with other Kuglimz. This rise from poverty and adventuring to being Dirg’mystrume (lit. "Battle Leader") of the entire Kuglimz people is enough for stories. But it was his efforts since returning to his homeland and uniting the quarrelsome Kuglimz that brought him fame throughout the Northlands.

Some tales of these deeds spread to
Santharia, however when he showed up in New-Santhala proposing trade agreements and alliances he became well known there as well. It is here that he was given the title "Lord of the North" from the king himself. While on this first trip to the capital of Santharia he made the acquaintance of Artimidor Federkiel. Fascinated by the endeavor known as the Compendium, Drogo shared his knowledge of Northern Sarvonia, and promised that each time he visited Santharia he would share more with him. While also there, he made the re-acquaintance of Avennía "Wren" Asaiá whom he had adventured with when he had previously lived in Santharia. Since that first meeting he has come to know many Santharian notables including Masterbard Judith of Bardavos, Faugar of Nyermersys, and Talia of the Shendar. Drogo has even set up promises of safe passage, as safe as one can ever be in the Northlands, to other researchers of the Compendium who wish to travel and write about Northern Sarvonia.

Appearance. Taller then a mountain and broader then a tulmine tree is the way he is described in whispered tales of his deeds over campfires throughout the North, though in truth he is two and a quarter peds in height with strong thick bones that support his muscular body. He is light of complexion, with a strong face that has high cheekbones and an overall chiseled look to it. Hazel eyes that seem to change slightly dependent upon his mood peer out from underneath a noble brow. When angered they turn a cold grey that matches the piercing mists of the North, but most often they are filled with a light green that seems to sparkle as he laughs, which is often. Though Drogo is an impressive specimen physically, it is not his muscles or angered look that brings dread to those who oppose him. Rather, it is his hair. He has long, dark blonde hair that reaches down to his waist with countless bright rings of steel placed throughout it. This a Kuglimz tradition, where each ring denotes an enemy one has killed. The sight of his ring encrusted hair alone can be said to strike terror on the fields of battle, for if so many have died by his sword and mace, who may stand against him?

Normally Drogo favours the clothing of his tribe which are tunics dyed a rich yellow from the alth’tiert plant with broad check designs. The tunics tend to have a keyhole cut to the neck for more comfort. Around the neck and sleeves there is intricate embroidering of stylistic horses, birds, and other animals. The tunic has small slits along the sides to better allow the mounting of the Kuglim war horse, the kev’lor. The breeches he wears are made of hide that has been tanned and softenend. Finishing the garb are finely worked leather boots. Upon his forearms and biceps he wears thick bands of gold with cunning designs etched into them by Helvet’ine craftsmen. Over the tunic is the traditional cape or cloak of dark nul’tum fur. When it is warmer, much to the delight of women throughout Caelereth, he will often wear a pair of breeches with only his golden adornments. There is not a place he goes without his weaponry, even the king of Santharia has given Drogo leave to wear weapons in his presence. Upon his back is a bastard sword known as Kor’Helvet (lit. "Helvet’s Hand"), and a mace named Vor’Helvet (lit. "Helvet’s Fist") that rests upon his right hip. There is also at times an an axe on his left side. When asked why the axe is only present sometimes, Drogo replies in a laughing way that Ash’mari only deserve to die by their own weapons. He is a veritable armoury in and of himself. When he girths himself for battle with the rest of his men, he uses a flexible chainmail upon both himself and his steed as other Kuglimz’torek do.
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Personality. When most people who know Drogo are asked to describe him, they simply laugh and respond that he is bigger than life. That is not just in response to his size, rather it is his overwhelming personality that they refer to. He is one of those people who are quick to laugh and quick to fight. It is not that he goes around picking fights, rather battle is just a natural part of him and he has no qualms about showing off his prowress. There are few that can be called as generous as he, one story tells of him bequeathing a whole chest of treasures upon a farmer whose crop he inadverdantly destroyed while battling some orcs. The charisma that carried him to be war leader of the Kuglimz is evident every time he steps into a room, people are drawn to him and find themselves liking him even if they had decided not too.

It must also be said that this is rumoured to not always to be so. In his younger years he was much more quiet, prone to solitary journeys into the wilds. Some say he sought his own death in those times, others that he looked for life in the dangers of adventuring. Drogo himself does not comment about these times and brushes off questions about them with a few glib remarks and some laughter. He is still known at times to go off for a few days on his own in the wild Northlands, much to the fear of the elders and the joy of his fighting men. For, he always comes back with another story to tell over a flagon of mead.
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Biography. Dro’go as he was first named, was born in the Helvet’ine city Lu’Welima around the year ca. 1637. Only three years of peace would be known to the child, because in the year of ca. 1640 the Ash’mari who had been laying siege to the Helvet’ine cities finally broke through with the help of the Diorye'oleal elves and began the subjugation and decimation of the Helvet’ine. Some of the people managed to escape during the chaos of conquest; this included Drogo and his mother along with several of his father’s warriors. They slowly made their way through the Tandala Highlands by hugging the coast of the Dark Sea braving untold dangers into the Santharian province of Vardýnn. The whole of the journey they were chased by Ash’mari ravagers, they made their way through the Forest of Calmarios to the small village of Nordril where Vardýnn forces intercepted the few Ash’mari that had survived the trek south and cut them down.

It is there that Drogo his mother and the handful of other Kuglimz stayed for the next few years at the leisure of the local lord. When Drogo was ten years old a group of men who had been harassing the Kuglimz for years took the harassment a step further in their drunkenness and set fire to the small group of houses that the Kuglimz lived in. Drogo escaped and survived the fire; however his mother along with several others did not. He does not talk about his mother, nor the pain that her death inevitably caused him. Drogo attempted to take revenge on the men, waiting for them in the night, however being only ten he was beaten, spit upon, and left for dead. He soon left, promising never to return again.

The next eight years are hard to track as Drogo was constantly on the move, never staying one place too long, or getting too close to anyone. He spent time as a common laborer, a merchant guard, and fighter for hire. It must be said though he did not stay long, that he excelled at all of the tasks that he attempted. It was common during that time for his employers to not even know his name, but when this biography was researched, just physically describing Drogo turned up quite a few results. The most notable results were from his time spent as an adventurer in the Troll Mountains. It is here that he supposedly slew many of the dangerous beasts and secured much treasure. Here he was only known as "the Barbarian". Though when asked about it, Drogo remarks that the time he spent there is all a little hazy, though he remembers that the mountains were beautiful.

It was during his time adventuring that he was given some visions that he interpreted as coming from the Goddess Seyella, the Santharian Goddess of Destiny. Later, after learning of Lier'tyan from other Kuglim, Drogo became convinced that Seyella is merely a manifestation of the All Mother herself. Following those dreams led him first to Avennía "Wren" Asaiá of the Ylffer elves. He then imparted on an arduous journey back through the Tandala, facing insurmountable odds. With a small group of fellows he managed to win his way through trials and tribulations to the far side of the Tandala Highlands, all the time fighting unknown foes. At each point of contention he followed his visions, and the success this caused him validated the vision. It was only when he finally crossed the Tandala that different parts of the vision came together to form a complete picture. What that was, Drogo has never informed anyone. He still claims to follow the vision, so what end he saw has not come to pass yet. Or, it may have and he is simply being politically wise and using the power of a vision from the gods to help secure his position as Dirg’mystrume.

While in Northern Sarvonia Drogo found his people conquered and the land overun with enemies, all of them willing to take his head. During one night he came across some of the Kuglimz’ura (lit. "Plains Tribes") and joined them in their efforts to harass the cruel Ash’mari and Diorye'oleal Elves. He did this, and he did it well, sowing confusion and discord amongst the cruel overlords. He also joined together separate underground groups creating a sizable rebel force. Once he gathered enough men beneath him he went to the Injerín and with their aid he and the Kuglimz beneath his banner drove out the invaders in a series of brilliant campaigns and liberated the Celeste Lowlands from this dark horde in ca. 1657. Finally after their depredations which started in ca. 1624 the Kuglim were not only freed, but also for the first time in memory they were truly united. After his victory, Drogo was named Dirg’mystrume (lit. "Battle Leader") of not only the Helvet’ine, but also of the Trk’Matiu Kuglimz. This was the first time that a single man was named as the battle leader of not only a Kuglim’torik (lit. "Home Tribe"), but also a Kuglim’ura ("Plain Tribe"). But this would only be the beginning.

After taking on the title of Dirg’mystrume Drogo spent some time with the Injerín, strengthening the alliance he helped build against the Ash’mari and Diorye'oleal. From there he used the friends that were made with the Injerín to win some time with the Kurakim Dwarves, and he even set up trade agreements with the Artyrhón Elves. While spending time with these different people, especially the learned Injerín he learned the true history of the Kuglimz. That they are not just the uncouth barbarians many view them as, in fact the descendants of the once great Mynian Kingdom. Using this knowledge and the even more shocking knowledge that he is actually descended from the line of kings that once ruled, along with his status amongst the Kuglimz to unite them under his leadership. One by one each Dirg’mystrume of the different Kuglim bent their stiff necks in supplication to Drogo. His people then bestowed upon him the descriptor Minar’ine to his name, making him Dro’go Minar’ian. The treaties and trade agreements that were created have made it so that he is well along on the way of uniting the other races under him as well. Now there are even rumors that he has his eye on re-capturing the ancient lands of the Mynian Kingdom and clearing out the Ashz’Oc and Losh’Oc orcs out of the region.

During the time that he spent forming alliances and uniting his people he also made forays to other regions to enhance the status of the Kuglimz and open them up to other opportunities and fame. He helped broker trade agreements between the most powerful traders in the North, the Artyrhón Elves, and the Stormcloak Shipping Guild of Santharia. This deal allows a hefty percentage of the profits to the Kuglimz, which the Kuglim mightly approve of, and he was also allowed to take a trip with a Stormcloak trade vessel to the lands of the Kanapan Peninsula. Word has not traveled back as to what may or may not have happened there, however he did come back festooned with fine cloth. He is constantly traveling and trying to tie his people to the rest of Caelereth, thus bettering them and their lives. There is no telling where he might take his people, but it seems to only be good. There are of course those who disagree with all of these changes, saying that they are coming to fast, however this seems to be a small minority. It must be said though, that if Drogo ever departed too far from those traditions that the Kuglimz hold dear there would be trouble.
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Importance. The political importance of Drogo is almost indescribable. Though if asked he will tell you all about his importance. He did convince, cajole, threaten, and beat different members of the Kuglim tribes to bring them all into one people. This is a feat in and of itself. After that he gathered them up and decimated the Ash’mari and Diorye’oleal armies that had conquered the Kuglimz. The Kuglimz have kept this area free from the depredations of those two tribes ever since. Drogo also hammered out tight contracts of trade and fellowship throughout the region and has fostered good relations with other important races. Every time that he comes on down to Santharia he invites researchers up North to investigate the new things there, and by providing a safe haven for them, he fosters the growth of knowledge. 
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