Eckra (approx. 9000 b.S.) was an archmage of the Age of Silence. He ruled a vast area in Northern Sarvonia, ranging from the peninsula Dinal (now known as the Forbidden Zone), to what is now the Eight Winds Bay. His stronghold was an immense keep, which became known as Tak'Dinal (Fear of Dinal). It was made almost entirely from cairns of black stone and was perched on the shores of Ebony Lake, its toxicness fouling the crystal waters into a dark murk.

The Chosen Eckra the Cruel

View picture in full size Image description. One of the powerful archmages  of the War of the Chosen, the necromancer Eckra the Cruel. He was the pawn of the Goddess of Death, Queprur. Picture drawn by Eratinalinfalah.

The whole area was cloaked in an impenetrable gloom, giving it a sense of dark dread. In the East of his domain were the Mountains of Despair. The mountains were of obsidian and volcanic rock, they were riddled with mines. Massive forges lay all about exterior of the mines, smelting the iron found. It is whispered that the iron Eckra’s smithies forged was a crimson black, made with spells from acolytes and the mixing of dried blood. The only other sign of civilization in his bleak land was a port that was filled with large slave ships. This town was given exclusively over to his orcish warriors. It's filth and squalor was mentioned by the very few that survived seeing the sight.

The archmage earned his name from those that heard about him and feared his cruelty. Eckra sent slave ships coursing the sea between the peninsula and the Celeste Mountains. The sorrow of the races and the pain of families forever torn apart later caused this sea to be re-named The Sea Of Tears. Human and elf alike were captured and made to work, mining materials for his orcish armies and arcane practices in the aptly named Mountains of Despair. Wargs were made to be mounts for orcish calvary and also used throughout the Plains of Rilla to hunt and kill any intruders. It is rumored that the archmage also summoned netherbeasts and other foul creatures to do his bidding as well.

Eckra's frequent battles with nearby archmages made his borders barren and the soil drenched with blood. Whole towns and armies were wiped out within a day's time as his army and magic contested for the rights of dominion over the land. Many a battle was fought against several other archmages. Eckra's demise, along with three other powerful archmages is thought to have occurred during the great Battle of the Winds.

Tak'Dinal, that ancient stronghold of horror, though in ruins, still exists today. There was a brief moment when some life was brought back into Eckra's old domain. Elves and pendrowe from the Shaded Forest migrated to the Folkmore Trees and tried to revive the decimated forest, others feared for them and warned of possible danger. The warning was proven true in time, as they were either killed or driven out of the lands in 1649 b.S., during The Year of Darkness, or as it is called in Northern Sarvonia, the Burning Night. The land now is said to be cursed, and few will enter, for fear of what might survive from Eckra's days, and what those who tried to follow his footsteps might have awakened. Many a hero and scholar who have tried to venture in this forsaken land have never been heard from again. The few that have returned seem to be changed beyond recognition, and carry a stamp of terrible pain and dark intent. Even though Eckra's death happened centuries ago, his name is still used to frighten children or mentioned in ribald stories around campfires, when a persons tongue is plied by drink.

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