Mysterious person, god or demi-god of the Brownie Race.

The First One is little more than a half forgotten memory of the Brownies. Akdorian shamans and storytellers insist that the Brownie people had not always worshipped the spirits of trees, rocks, and streams, but that once, long ago, they had known the one who had been the prime cause, one that had shaped everything that is with his hands as if they were mud from the riverbank to be shaped into a bowl, an awake God, not the Sleeping God of the elves. They say that once they and other peoples had known him and worshipped him, but that as time passed, each generation would know less about him than the generation before, so that long before the time of Keekoo the Deliverer and the unifying of the Brownie people, the Brownies had forgotten everything about him except for these three things; that he had formed the world as if from clay, that he cared about what he had made, and that he was particular in how he was worshipped.

The Brownies had long ago lost the secret of the proper way to worship the First One. They did not dare experiment, for fear of worshipping in the wrong way. Gradually they began to worship lesser beings, the spirits of the mountains, forests, and streams. The Shamans do their best to keep what little they know alive in the hearts of the people, in hopes that the prophecies predicting that thousands and thousands of years in the future, when a messenger came through the Void from another world, teaching about the First One, that their descendants would be able to accept the messenger's words.

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