Flisgard Naronell (352 b.S.-304 b.S.) was a seasoned hunter, wielder of the sword Or'injr and the adoptive father of Dygan Heartswind.

Biography. A minor person from the tiny village of Tereftan, his life was unimportant until he found the sword, Or'injr, while hunting one day. A giant crow had been drawn to the sparkling blade and wove it into its nest. Flisgard took the blade and kept it as a keepsake, unaware of its power. However, in time, he grew to discover that the sword made fighting with a weapon easier. He was oblivious to the fact that the sword was actually teaching him how to fight.

lived a solitary life as a hunter, until in traveling, he met Raye Vertinsa. Several months later, he took her hand in marriage, much to the disappointment of the apprentice wizard Mercelus. Raye had been arranged to be married to the wizard, and he did not take kindly to the insult and swore vengance.

Raye was childless, and Flisgard's prayers for a son were answered one day when he stumbled across a dying nobleman and his tiny infant. The nobleman gave Flisgard the child and begged him to raise the boy. Holding on as long as he could, he gave Flisgard the boy's true name, and said that now, the boy had no one to call a parent. The nobleman never told Flisgard his family name, so the last name of the child was unknown, and since everything the noble had was taken by bandits, Flisgard found no personal effects. The hunter took the baby as his own, giving the child his true name of Dygan, but he never told the truth about his parentage.

Or'injr and fighting didn't hold any interest in his mind after that, his family were all that mattered to him now. The sword was hung up in a place of honor, but it was never used until the day of Flisgard's death. His past caught up to him in 304 b.S. when Flisgard was slain by Mercelus in front of his wife and foster child, unable to penetrate the maniacal wizard's defenses. Or'injr taught how to fight with swords, but it did not teach how to fight with intelligence. With his dying breath, Flisgard bequeathed Or'injr to Dygan, and bade him to find his true family.

Flisgard's death was seen as the start of Dygan's quest of personal redemption, and the first of his many misfortunes.

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