(1593-1640) Daughter of the famous R'unorian Empress Yrota Flameseer (1564-1620). Mother of the current Emrpress Kirvosa Flameseer.

Born at sea in the imperial flagship, Shadow Maiden, Fyra spent her early childhood within the confines of the imperial palace. She was trained from a quite early age in the ways of the Imperial Court - mostly how "not to get into trouble, how not to start wars that will get the Guards Council displeased with you, how to know when to shut up and be nice" (according to the notes of an unnamed observer of the royal family). Fyra lived the perfect life of luxury until she reached the age of 15. At this time her mother decided to send her on a diplomatic mission to the goblin nation of Orcal, where she stayed in the capital city until her mother's tragic death, at which time she was called from the city to claim the throne.

Due to the surfacing of some diaries from her time spent in Orcal it is often discerned that she had fallen in love with a goblish milkmaid during her stay. Although no names are mentioned and the diaries are incomplete and badly damaged (not to mention written with quite a bit of improvised shorthand and poor penmanship) it is uncertain what the specifics of the relationship where, or if there had even been a relationship. Most scholars agree that something must have happened however, due to the fact that Fyra ruled somewhat halfheartedly and although she took several bound consorts, she never married. From one of these consorts, or possibly an unknown lover, was parented her somewhat mischievous daughter Kirvosa.

Fyra's reign was in general blissfully uneventful. This was a great advantage as she was focusing most of her energy to rebuild the war shattered economy and aid the badly demoralized people. However, the most important incidents which did occur while she had the throne, are listed below:

Time Table of Fyra Flameseer



1621 Fyra Flameseer ascends to the throne
1623 Foodriots near willow run
...brought about by a severe drought, as well as higher military usage during the previous years.
1625 Birth of Kirvosa,
...Fyra's only daughter and heir to come to the R'unorian throne.


Attempted assassination several of her personal guards. High ranking officials within the Guards Council are suspected to be involved in this conspiracy. No conclusive evidence.


Food imports become less necessary,
...but still prevalent, due to higher yields of domestic crops and livestock.


Death of Fyra Flameseer
Fyra's reign came to an end in the mid winter of the year 1639 due to a severe case of pneumonia, resulting in her death and the ascension of her daughter to the R'unorian throne.

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