The descendant to the line of Barek Swanhild, the famous founder of the city of Marcogg, Herrgan Swanhild (born in 1609), gained his Thane rank after a sudden and suspicious death of the previous Thane. A Duke of Marcogg at that time, forty nine years old Herrgan Swanhild gladly accepted the title of Thane, proposed to him by the Skeijorn Convention, the council of the richest families in the whole province of Manthria. The love of the people and his efforts to bring up the prosperity and the life standard of people of the duchy of Marcogg and the whole province of Manthria, made him one of the most popular persons in the Santhran's service and has strengthened his family’s influence in the most important political positions in Manthrian and Marcoggian government.

Appearance. The hawkish profile of Herrgan Swanhild is noticed first when you look at him, his slightly athwart forehead, humpy nose and proud and straight stature add up to the complete feeling you are not talking to an ordinary human but to a noble who will, as it seems, bow down only to the Santhran himself. The hair of the Thane is blonde in colour with few grey hairs here and there and is always cut short, shorter on the sides and longer on the scalp, he never leaves any hair on his forehead. The eyes of Duke of Marcogg are blue and are darker than his bright hair, they are deep like the deepest abyss of the Deepgorge Mine and they don't give any clue about the Thane's feelings in any moment. Herrgan's goat beard is almost absolutely grey with few leftovers of blue hairs in it which make it an excellent counterpart of Thane's hair. The Marcogg golden chain of office is usually seen on the Thane's neck.

His broad shoulders carry strong but not very big hands. Although he only wares the Thane's ring as an indicator of his high rank in the government of
Manthria, Herrgan Swanhild is quite fond of showing people his high rank in society with his classy light black shirts with purple ornaments, long black pants and his favourite black leather boots for in-city businesses. His clothes always are sewed in special measures and suited only for the slightly taller than an average Avennorian Thane of Manthria. Each year the Thane gets a new collection of clothes and his old collection is sold for a very small price to the common people of Marcogg, although the people cannot always use the clothes in its original form, they simply shred it apart and sew new clothes. The waist of Herrgan Swanhild is pretty slim because of the exercise and conditional trainings which are done in the Thane’s free time.

The athletic legs of the Thane of
Manthria are proof that Thane Swanhild doesn't only sits behind his desk and listens to his councilmen but that he also keeps his physical shape in top form.
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Personality. As a child Herrgan Swanhild was quite a loner and the only person he loved and loves more than his mother is Jassitha Erphana Karyestran, Lady Swanhild, to all other people he's quite secluded and uncaring. He is inflexible and not open to innovation or emotional appeal which was the consequence of his hard childhood when his father was so strict and hard on him as he is now on all other people around him, and even, in last several years, on his wife Jassitha. At the first years of marriage between Lady Swanhild and Herrgan Swanhild, the Thane was joyful and happy but when he was chosen by the Skeijorn Convention for the rank of Thane of Manthria he suddenly changed and became more darker and secluded. Although his councilmen cannot persuade him with emotions, they can persuade him with careful logic and well placed plans and although the Thane has strict policy of taking suggestions he has quite opposite policy when it comes to sharing his wealth with his people and for that, amongst all other things, he is popular with the people and has a lot of infuence on the Council of Linked Hands so he is well known even outside of Manthria. Return to the top

Biography. Birth of a Young Noble (9th Fallen Leaf 1609). The second born in a powerful Skeijorn family, Herrgan Swanhild was the younger son of Friddulf and Atha Swanhild. His father was the Duke of Marcogg so even from his early years he started to learn about politics and responsibility which comes with political power, this fact helped him to fit into Manthrian political system later on. As a second born, he didn’t have much obligations in the family, though his older brother, Herrvin, had to surpass Friddulf Swanhild as a Duke and had to constantly observe his father and learn from him. Two years after Herrgan was born, his mother gave birth to another Swanhild, a boy too. Herrgan liked to play with his younger brother, Andulf, and he often played rough, war games with him which resulted in Andulf’s joining in the army in his youth.

Herrgan enjoyed his early years on the Swanhild estate, outside of Marcogg where he could live a complete life in prosperity. Young Herrgan blended very well with the people of Marcogg and was full of mischief in his second decade. He always ran away from tutors and his mother to play with ordinary kids from poorer families, where he got all of his clothes so dirty that you could never tell that that little dirty boy was ever a noble. After one of those mischiefs his mother was so angry that she beat little Herrgan so hard that he never forgot it, some people say that from that event onward the little noble always respected clothes an his looks.

Duties (1629-1647). The happy life of young Herrgan Swanhild was interrupted when his uncle Garrodin Swanhild died in an accident. Garrodin Swanhild was the Mashdai Graven and as such left the Mashdai Fief without rule, as young Herrgan wasn’t skilled in political affairs the though decision of his father made Herrvin Swanhild the new Graven of the Mashdai Fief. This decision made Herrgan Swanhild the first candidate for the position of the Duke of Marcogg, as such Herrgan had to learn all of duties and knowledge which the Duke must possess. The relationship with his father in these years of learning was as bad as ever, his father was always in a bad mood when around Herrgan he shouted at him, he made out tasks that cannot possibly be solved and all in all he seemed like he was always disappointed in Herrgan whatever the young Swanhild did. Although this kind of strictness made Herrgan realize the importance of the Duke position, it left a certain number of emotional scars on Herrgan which would never properly heal. To get through this difficult stage, he had a logical cure.

Although his mother was away on Swanhild estate in Kachran, Herrgan found love and comfort in a person he met while he was on official visit with his father in the Vardýnn Thane’s castle, a lovely young lady, Jassitha Erphana Karyestran, an Erpheronian noblewoman originated from Voldar, in the Santharian province of Vardýnn. Jassitha's father was a respected member of the White Knights Order and her mother was a devotee of healing deities. As Jassitha's mother was active in charities and she even helped in setting up a hospice for the poor in Voldar, so did Jassitha herself become active at charity. As the Thane's wife she hada great influence over the Thane so he arranged the restoring and decorating of the Thane's palace and the Great Temple of Nehtor which has gotten several expanisons including a hospice for helping Eir, the poorest, and Skeijorn, the richest, alike without any question about money. Lady Swanhild, despite her activities with children upbringing, has also found time too continue developing trade relations with the Mitharim dwarves and is known as a supporter of White Nehtorians or Dalorins.

The Recognition (1647). In 1647 the trading routes passing through Manthria began to flourish and the Swanhild family collected quite an income, the business was so expanded that Andulf had to return from his job in the army and started to manage the overwhelming business orders that troubled already old Friddulf Swanhild. And probably this amount of stress had influenced the weak heart of Duke Swanhild and caused his death. Friddulf Swanhild was found dead in his office lying on top of a pile of parchments on his desk.

Herrgan Swanhild had finally reached the rank of Duke and Mayor of Marcogg for which he had been preparing for so long and for which he had prepared himself well. The wealth that was pouring into the Swanhild treasury expanded as the new Duke expanded the trading routes and goods, merchandise and wealth pured into the Marcogg treasury as well. The Duke used the wealth of his own family to bring prosperity to the whole duchy of Marcogg.

The Death of the Manthrian Thane (1656). The sudden and suspicious death of the previous Thane, Ifri Jovild from another Skeijorn family, shocked the Skeijorn families of Manthria. The healers suggested that the cause of Ifri's death might have been food poisoning. The immediate Skeijorn Convention, in which the new Thane should be chosen, was called, but it was delayed for unknown reasons and the final votes where cast two months after the Thane’s death. The Convention decided that the Swanhild family should choose the next Thane in their own ranks. The older brother, Herrvin Swanhild stood up and took the Thane position for himself, but just few days later he left the position to his younger brother Herrgan, who was obviously a better candidate for the Thane rank. There are whispers that Herrvin received threats from the heads of Marcogg Underground to step down or else.

Apparently the criminal organizations wanted to take down important Sokkenstam's members. These Council members where about to bring some laws about tightening the noose on smuggling of considerable amount of weapons which supposedly headed towards the Shady Grove’s bandits and other criminal groupings all around Manthria. As it seems, they wanted a Thane who would be liked with the people and who wouldn’t be suspicious to the Concilmen if something would happen, they also wanted a Thane who would not order a detailed investigation if one of the council men would be killed and most importantly they wanted a Thane who is easily "persuaded". Some of Swanhild's opponents even say that the criminal organizations found Herrgan Swanhild as their target for the people like him and he could be threatened just by mentioning his family, of course none of this was ever proven.

In the following years the Thane was accused of cooperation with the Marcogg Underground but the accusations were always neglected. The most undenible accusation against Herrgan was that of one important Marcogg politician, who accused the Thane of being in connection with certain criminal organizations. Of course the Thane denied all that, and although strong evidence was presented for three murders of well known Marcogg council members where the investigations were short and incomplete no responsibility reached the Thane. But in the last few years these cases were rarer and rarer and the Thane could divert his attention to his family and the rule of Manthria. As his latest work, Herrgan rebuilds the Thane’s palace from inside and decorates it outside, of course with the help of his wife.
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Importance. Herrgan Swanhild is important of his strict but fair rule over the province of Manthria, his great leadership properties and his generosity to the people, because of which he became famous even amongst the lower ranks of the society which don’t usually care much about the leaders before Thane Swanhild and has a sufficient influence on the Council of Linked Hands in which he made some powerful and inportant friends.
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