First of the Styreians (elves) who set foot on the world of Aér'aí'chán. Immortal by nature, she is often called the Elven Queen by representatives of other races.

However, t
he elven race has no rulers or leaders among them and the title of High Avá'ránn is given out of deep respect for her ancient wisdom and for being the first elf created by She. Like many of the elder elves of the Astyrhim Tribe, the High Avá'ránn's true spiritual form is that of pure light but she retains the ability to manifest a corporeal shape if needed. And in that physical form, she is considered to be the loveliest among a race that is legendary for its beauty and grace.

When the first drop of the Rain of Life touched and mingled with the first breath of Wind, both were breathing in the the other's essence and found each other pleasing, there emerged from this joyous union, the first elf and the most beautiful of all the races to come - she who is the High Avá'ránn. The Axhái recorded in their sacred repository of all elven myths past and yet to come, the Cárpa'dosía, that to look upon the material countenance of the High Avá'ránn is to see a shadow of the utter perfection that is Avá. The High Avá'ránn is the oldest and wisest and as untouchable as the distant stars due to her immense burden, for she is the forever guardian of Eu'reoll, the Tree of Life, which lies in the secret heart of the Thaelon. This is her burden to bear and her tragedy as to be the Keeper of Eu'reoll means that she will have to stay within the boundaries of Thaelon until the Dream of Avá ends. But the Elven Queen tends to her duty with faithful care for she knows that Eu'reoll is of Avá and to be near Eu'reoll is to feel the immeasurable love that She has for the world.

Following exceprt taken from Dalá'Valannía's "Collection of Ancient Lore":

"During the end days of the War of the Chosen, through dark dreams sent by Coór, the existence of Eu'reoll, residing within the heart of the Thaelon, became known to Ma'asherom the Red. The archmage was convinced that to gain control of Eu'reoll is to have total and complete dominion over the world. In his all-consuming arrogance and believing that the elven race, known for their peaceful nature, would submit voluntarily to his will, he sent ten of his most trusted followers under the command of the sorceress Cyrella to wrest possession of Eu'reoll.

Upon reaching the Thaelon, Cyrella and her men had no trouble breaching the outer ring of the ancient forest and as they ventured deeper, the constant whispery sounds made by the branches of the Mahood-Euwen, the great trees, rustled ever more agitatedly at this intrusion. There was no sign of the elves at all and Ma'asherom's followers grew bolder and more confident with the conspicuous absence.

Cyrella, then known as one of the most powerful magick-users in the realms, spotted the majestic shape of a stag moving serenely through the foliage and in her malice, she whispered one word and that single word uttered sealed her doom.

'Orgsahg', she said in the dragon tongue which was used by some as the universal magical language and watched with glee as an unseen, violent force arose and proceeded to rip the stag into pieces.

Silence so deep it hurt the ears then descended even as the Mahood-Euwen ceased their rustlings and all life within the Thaelon was suspended for that one moment.

Then a voice, sounding like the thin sweet wailing of the winds, spoke, filling the silences once more with her sorrow and anger.

'You have shed innocent blood in the Thaelon and so have tainted Eu'reoll', was what the High Avá'ránn said.

'Give us Eu'reoll and I shall spare your people's life!' Cyrella, unrepentant, shouted to the Elven Queen. 'My Lord, Ma'asherom the Red, demands this of you!'

'Eu'reoll is for no-one, least of all, a mortal. You have killed and therefore, you shall atone.'

Cyrella opened her mouth to speak and shrieked instead. She howled as her skin hardened and turned brown and rough to the touch. She screamed as her hands were pulled up above her head and the fingers stretched and lengthened like long stiff ropes. She sobbed as her legs merged together and her toes sank beneath the soil to take root. Helpless, she begged the Elf-Queen for deliverance and none was given.

When the transformation was complete, a tree, tall and spread with thick brown branches, laden with glistening emerald-green leaves, stood where the sorceress Cyrella had been.

'She is under my protection now. Go. Tell your master that the Thaelon welcomes him not and he would do well to leave the Styreians and Eu'reoll alone.' The High Avá'ránn told Cyrella's men as they turned to run, frightened out of their wits at the sight of their leader's fate.

When the men returned to the archmage with their news, Ma'asherom rewarded their failure with a long, prolonged and painful death. But wisely, he heeded the Elven Queen's advice and did not send further, futile retaliation upon the Styreians. Whether he had really given up or merely bidding his time for another confrontation with the High Avá'ránn, it was not recorded for shortly after, Ma'asherom's reign of chaos was finally ended when he met his death in El'darthar and the War of the Chosen came to an end."

-- Dalá'Valannía: "Collection of Ancient Lore", p. 71 f.

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