Jakata Melioná, also often refered to as Jakata the Wise or Jakate the Crazed, is the person to whom we owe most of our knowledge of the Fae today. She is regarded in two entirely different ways. To some people, mainly those who live near the Void (in places such as Aeruillin) she was a highly intelligent pixie who entered Caelereth to enlighten the world on the mythical races of the fae. To others, she was just a crazed lunatic who spouted fairytales and truly believed that they were real. However, her tales and knowledge have been recorded and passed down through generations, and are widely known throughout most of Caelereth, whether you believe them to be true or not.

Jakata the Wise

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Biography. The following biography has been constructed according to the personal diaries of Jakata. Whether these diaries truly are the product of an existing person or just an invention, of course cannot be determined here:

Jakata was only the age of two generations, roughly forty to fifty years, when she decided to leave the Void and enter the world of Caelereth. This was against the wishes of not only her family, but against the basic fundamental teachings of her life. However, Jakata seemed to have been bestowed with far too much curiosity for a Pixie and was determined to see life outside the Void. So, she left, knowing that it would be near impossible for her to return to her homeland.

When she arrived in Caelereth, she found herself in a vast woodland. She traveled for a short while, before arriving at a small village. The locals were fascinated. At first, they mistook her for a beast, as they had never seen a being such as her. Then, they thought she was perhaps a crossbreed of many races. At the height of about one and a quarter peds, she was perhaps a dwarf, but her petit, slim figure suggested otherwise. She had long fingers, disproportionate to the rest of her body, and long dark brown hair that was cropped just below her calves. Large eyes gave a quirky look to an otherwise human-like face. Jakata wore clothes that were unlike any style they had previously seen. However, once she told them that she was a pixie, it was accepted without doubt. This was due to the fact that Jakata had entered Caelereth through the desert continent of Aeruillin. The people there already knew many stories of the fae, due to the Memnoor settlement of Brownies that lived close by (this group lives on the edge of the Void themselves, and so have inklings and suspicions of the fae inside the Void, although they do not know the truth). Coupled with the fact that the villagers were quite simple, the fact that she was a pixie of Void origin was never questioned.

Jakata set about in earnest to educate the villagers of the fae. She spent her first ten years on Caelereth in the small village in southern Aeruillin where she had arrived, although tales of her had begun to spread. She used books and pixie records that she had bought with her, and provided detailed information on the life and ways of her people. She even took eager youngsters under her wing as apprentices, to be taught in complexity the knowledge of the fae, in order to pass on the knowledge through the ages, so that there would be an everlasting memory of the fae. These apprentices recorded her to be a quiet, eager person, well spoken and highly eloquent. She detested rumor, and sought to implant solid fact in the minds of the people of Caelereth. She always carried a spare piece of parchment and quill, so that she was always ready to record anything she considered important, as such was her quest.

After ten years in the village, Jakata decided to travel, spreading the word further. During this time she also became interested in the magic of Caelereth. She took a break from her travels and spent some time in Ximax learning the art of Xeuá, she found that the skills came naturally to her, perhaps this was due to her having a natural gift with Light Magic of the Void. She became proficient in the use of Xeuá, and so she is not only known for her being perhaps the only fae to enter Caelereth and decide to live there, but also for the magnificent skill in Xeuá.

At the age of one hundred and ten, Jakata is said to have been was widely known and respected throughout a great many continents of Caelereth. There were still elements of doubt to her claim by some people however and this frustrated the pixie to no end. One entry in her diary reads,

"I happened to meet a group of wand’ring bards, who did laugh at me, and ridicule me. They believed me to be the child of an orc and dwarf, and believed me to be crazed. I was most distressed by this, for I seek only to enlighten people of that which they do not know."

Jakata wrote, with the help of her apprentices, hundreds, perhaps thousands of books. Most of these still exist, however they are kept deep within the libraries of Aeruillin, many of the texts of Jakata that exist are copies or the original works.

During her time on Caelereth, Jakata was always known to begin the day with prayer, but not to any Caelereth Gods, but to a Fae Goddess, Léarin. This brought her disfavor amongst the clerics, perhaps the only group of people who vehemently disbelieved her.

As the years progressed, Jakata began to think of home, for the first time in some while. Although she tried to push the thoughts aside, and wanted to concentrate on her work, they grew more persistent. It was known that she would spend hours crying and when she finally reached what she believed to be the age of two hundred she decided that her work on Caelereth had been accomplished, and with her apprentices fully briefed with all the knowledge she knew, she decided to seek a way home, although she knew it to be near impossible.

Jakata sought help at Ximax, and delved into ancient books that described the Void. She thought that perhaps her skill with Xeuá could provide some help in her quest. Jakata also studied at the Seven Brownie Schools Of Magic, and spent much time with the Memnoor Brownies.

One day Jakata believed she was ready. Surrounded by the very closest friends she sadly bid farewell and walked into the Void. Her last words were known to be: 2I have achieved great things here. Please continue them for me." If she managed to return home to the family she yearned for, we will never know.

Obviously the version of Jakata’s life is different when told by a non-believer. The basic, abridged version is that she was a deformed human child who had heard stories of fae in the Void. She believed that she was a pixie, and deceived many people into thinking so also. In essence, she was crazy, mentally unstable. At least most people outside of Aeruillin believe this.
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Jakata’s records and books are the only source of knowledge of the fae today, beside various human myths and fairy-tales of course. It are Jakata's teachings that still lead some people to the continent of Aeruillin in order to visit where the legendary Jakata was known to spend most of her life. Some people even study the system of fae magic she taught, and although it is not possible to use in Caelereth, limited success has been achieved within the Memnoor settlement, which is just inside the Void. Perhaps most importantly, Jakata provided the myths of the fae for the children to be enchanted by, and whether you believe in the Pixie or not, you will know a great many of her stories. Return to the top

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