(1670 b.S.-1626 b.S.) Short time Queen of Erpheronia and daugther of the notorious Maengolth who was one of the most important the Erpheronian kings during the beginning of the Age of Awakening.

The Lady Jenefra

View picture in full size Lady Jenefra - "the most beautiful of the beautifuls". Image drawn by Enayla.

Jenefra is reputed to be the most beautiful human woman ever born since the creation of the world. In several poems which were written during this time she was named the "most beautiful of the beautifuls" or the "rising of the shining sun". In 1655 b.S Jenefra was wedded to the knave Wengerim as a reward for his slaying of the adamant-dragon Seargon, which he was forced to do by her severe father in order to prove his love. In 1650 b.S. the cataclysm known as the Dragonstorm descended upon the hapless land and Wengerim was killed, leaving Jenefra as young widow at the age of 20. As a consequence the Council of the Ten Ruling Houses of Voldar voted her de-facto sovereign of the Erpheronian Kingdom when Maengolth was murdered at the hands of his own son, Caein, who was acting under a pact with the dragon Ol'dém'bréy. Caein was later himself betrayed and killed by the dragon - an action which initiated the mentioned Dragonstorm.

The last surviving member of her family, Jenefra was not prevalently accepted as the monarch among the people due to Caein's heinous actions. But because of her immense courage and determination, Voldar managed to withstand the incessant onslaught of the dragons for as long as it did until the arrival of Katya Ileri Dain, into the besieged city. The common girl Katya later became Queen of the Erpheronians when Jenefra abdicated in her favour and was known among her subjects and in the history books as Katya the Just.

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