Queen of Voldar and the Erpheronian tribe during the Age of Awakening. Her common name was Katya Ileri Dain. Also known sometimes as Katya Dragonseeker or among her enemies as the Beggar Queen due to the fact that she was not born of noble stock but was a village girl in her youth. Daughter of Medoc and Ertai Ileri of Yarrow. During the cataclysmic Dragonstorm, the Adamant Dragon Ol'dém'bréy rained fire down upon her village, causing her father and everyone she knew to perish in the destruction. The only survivor and half-mad from pain, grief and rage, she stumbled onto the Thaelon Forest and was healed by the legendary elven kind who dwelled within. After a fateful meeting with the High A'ránn, her hair turned the color of pale moonlight, marking her forever as elven-touched (hárf'á'chón). 

Katya Dragonseeker

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The years before her succession onto the throne is unclear and rife with many stories and myths. However, what is known was that, feared for her rumored reputation as the only other human to have slayn a dragon other than Wengerim, Katya ruled over the Erpheronian tribe with an iron hand. Though she may not have ruled wisely at times, these mistakes were far and few in between and she was a fair and impartial Queen and in her later years, gained the title of 'Katya the Just' among her people. Without her, the years succeeding the Vardýnnian Atonement would have been indeed harsher than expected. 

Married to Lysander Dain, Captain of the Guards. After the Prince Consort's death at the age of 81, it was said that after Katya Ileri Dain passed the reins of leadership to her only son, Malakai, she walked alone out of the gates of Voldar, towards the direction of the Thaelon and was never seen again.



1664 b.S. Katya Ileri is born
1650 b.S. The Destruction of Yarrow
During the Dragonstorm, the adamant-dragon, Ol'dem'brey, rains fire upon the village of Yarrow, killing almost everyone. Katya Ileri is the only survivor. Badly wounded, she wanders into the ancient forest of the Thaelon. The light elves of Thaelon then find her and heal her injuries.

Seige on Voldar
After the killing of Caein, the dragons lay siege upon the city of Voldar, trapping its citizens within. The death-toll reaches to thousands as those trapped die horribly from dragon-fire.

Katya Ileri departs from the Thaelon for Voldar to find the identity of the dragon who killed her father. In Voldar, she meets Lysander Dain and the Lady Jenefra who expresses curiosity on how the girl managed to breach the siege of the dragons and entered the city.

At the highest battlement of Thyrrinths Hold, Katya confronts Ol'dem'brey and wounds the great beast when she flungs Medoc's sword into one of its eye. The adamant-dragon then withdraws the other dragons and the siege upon Voldar ends. Katya vows to find Ol'dem'brey's lair and avenge her father's death.
1648 b.S. The Time of Changing
First attack by those afflicted from the Vardýnnian Soul Robbery or, as the elves called them, the dalá’guóur. The assault takes place during a banquet given by Queen Jenefra. Those changed includ Linn Terolude, Nikos and Jarat Lothari. These unholy meldings of human and
dragon are killed by Katya Ileri through her elven-bestowed gifts.

However, as the months pass, the intensity of the Changing increases, creating much panic and fear among the Erpheronians as the attacks continue.

Katya Ileri and Lysander Dain leave Voldar in an attempt to locate the feared Bone Queen of the Water Marshes for she alone may hold the key to stop the Vardýnnian Soul Robbery.
1646 b.S. Katya Dain becomes Erpheronian Queen
Queen Jenefra abdicates in favor of
Katya Ileri. Many oppose this move for Katya is of humble birth and thus, is argued that she is not fit to become Sovereign. However, with the help of formidable allies such as Amalthea Eithar, Kel Branoc, Vaelaron and Lysander Dain, Trioan Sellus, and the rumor that Katya had killed Ol'dem'brey, the young village girl from Yarrow ascends the highest seat of power within the Erpheronians.
1644 b.S. Katya's Marriage
Queen Katya marries her Captain of the Guards, Lysander Dain. The marriage celebrations last for ten days with much rejoicing.
1639 b.S. The Dark Order of the Dragonknights
Those dalá’guóur who escaped the scourging ordered by Queen Jenefra and later follow through by Katya Ileri when she becomes Sovereign, found the Dark Order of the Dragonknights. Seven years into Katya's reign, the Dark Order launches a first attack upon Voldar.

Throughout the succeeding years, the Prince Consort, Lysander Dain, manages to repel such intermittent attacks and eventually even drives the Dragonknights to the Tandala Mountains.

After which, the Erpheronians enjoy many long years of peace and prosperity under Katya Ileri's rule.
1593 b.S. The Leaving of Katya
Prince Consort Lysander passed away and after his funeral, Katya abdicates in favor to her only son and walks out of the gates of Voldar, towards the direction of the Thaelon, and is never seen again.

However, persistent rumors or tales among the Erpheronians say that when the people's need is great enough,
Katya Ileri will appear once more to bring deliverance.

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