The Kogian Five are (besides Eluda’shi Lashmara) the most instrumental individuals in the establishment of the Marmarran Citystate, each of them epitomising a facet of the Marmarran psyche. The group of mavericks (besides the ‘tragic’ Kijuur Destius) also founded their own Kogianate dynasties, which produced a whole manner of other experts and eccentrics in their respective fields. The three men (Kijuur Destius, Lyrias Meurtian and Hiartun Rarkan) and two women (Yian Tisare and Mila Venraius) that made up the original Marmarran elite have been forever immortalised for their vital contributions to the Citystate that we have today.

Kijuur Destius (whose known life spanned 2344 b.S.- 2300 b.S.), the first of the so-called Kogian Five, is a very elusive character, his brief association with Marmarra being the only official record of his existence. A polymath in the truest sense of the word, an intelligent man possessing a variety of skills from a broad spectrum of cultures - some Marmarrans would even go as far as considering Kijuur be a better example than Eluda. His ever-present rationality taming the somewhat wild intentions of Eluda, his guidance arguably made the full potential of Eluda accessible. Some also like to entertain ideas of a ‘romance’ between Kijuur and Eluda’shi, though there is very little evidence in terms of such relations.

If you wish to believe the legends, Kijuur is also said to be the founder of the fabled "Brotherhood of the Eye". This underground organisation (never acknowledged to actually exist) is thought to have a hand in a whole manner of Marmarran affairs without anyone even knowing, though at any rate they don't work for the Witch Queen, simply choosing to cooperating rather than being under her influence.

Appearance. Perhaps the most mysterious of the five Kogian, we actually have very little in terms of credible evidence of what Kijuur actually looked like. Common traits in descriptions seem to be long silvery hair as well as quite delicately pallid skin tones. One particularly interesting description of Kijuur can be found from an account of his arrival to the old Marmarra along with Eluda:

The first Witch Queen Eluda'shi Lashmara

View picture in full size Picture description. The first Witch Queen of Marmarra, Eluda'shi Lashmara, the incredible Lillivear who founded the Citystate, possibly accompanied by the first Kogian (Kijuur Destius). Picture drawn by Sheil.

‘Ennui enshrouded us. Judging by the idle glance I made at the sky hours before, it seemed like another identical Marmarran day. But this was different. Two figures approached from the distance, trailing across the path towards our painfully insignificant town. Visitors were sparse, so they attracted considerable attention.

The first, a woman, had a powerful presence. Her flowing black garments elegantly framing her fragile-looking yet commanding figure. Every detail of this woman’s appearance exuded purpose, from her ruthless eyes framed with dark cosmetics to her uniformedly flowing, glimmering hair. Her companion though, seemed to compliment her perfectly.

The almost ethereal figure accompanying her indeed was possessing of a powerful presence, though of a very different kind. Whereas the woman would seem to tie the atmosphere in knots of tension, the man would appear to be the owner of a rather conservative prominence. His almost superfluously elegant motions as he approached the settlement seemed otherworldly, I wouldn’t have been surprised to have found the man was nothing more than an apparition. His flowing hooded grey cloak, concealing most of his identity, produced an eerie radiance as the almost artistic manner in his movements continued as the duo approached the main town. As the two passed me, the objective woman stormed past, though the much more melodious male shot me a glance. His unnaturally silver hair accentuating his glowing ashen complexion along with his penetrating yet empathetic metallic eyes had culminated into a figure of aberrant grace- commanding of much more awe than the woman, mediocre in comparison.’

Most artistic depictions of Kijuur completely conceal his face, and those,which do not show vast variation in features and definition. However, the man’s actions and contributions are of much more interest and note than his physical construction.
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Personality. Being quite ambiguous in his nature, Kijuur's personality tends to vary depending on who you ask. However, most articulate this man's manner as one of absent-minded brilliance. All who claimed to have been in his presence seem to dictate that Kijuur was subject to sparks of effortless brilliance, usually remaining silent until uttering profound wisdom in its purest form. The most stressing aspect of his personality would appear to be his rational, objective nature. He is often attributed to being the hand that tamed Eluda's wild muse, directing it more fully into constructive efforts.

Kijuur additionally would appear to (much like Eluda) possess an innate ability to learn and develop new skills with speed and ease. Since his origin (though speculated) is unknown, we must deduce that a vast number of his vocations were unnatural extensions of his normal ability since they numbered various skills from a variety of cultures and institutions, including mastery of the New Spring martial (an art exclusive to the High Temple of Ankriss), substantial understanding of Krean Magic, skills of a seasoned warrior in many Krath weapons and knowledge of advanced medicine (reminiscent of Tiquaitan methods). This aptitude to learn and understand at an inhuman rate however did not make him arrogant or condescending (as could be seen in the case of Eluda'shi) but rather made him self confident and dutiful. Knowing that he was more capable than others made him realise that his actions were more important, though that didn't necessarily mean other people were unimportant.

Kijuur's motivations in life are still very much a topic of contention. Why such a maverick would choose to associate with the inscrupulous characters that built up characters is completely unknown. Unless tales of a romantic infatuation with Eluda are true, there would not seem to be much tying him down to or drawing him towards Marmarra. Since his reasons for aiding Marmarra were (presumably) selfless, unlike the other Kogian, he is perhaps venerated the most by Marmarrans today - despite the fact that 'selflessness' is hardly a desirable quality in Marmarran society. Return to the top

Biography. There is absolutely no record of Kijuur Destius' existence until his association with the greatly popularised Eluda'shi Lashmara (the founder of the Marmarran Citystate). As such, his origin is a complete mystery - some even going as far to suggest that he is of Orihirim in descent. Further extensions of this myth include ideas that Kijuur was at one point the constantly mysterious 'White Advisor' to the Grand Karoth, who himself defected from the Krath Empire as a whole. Since the identity of the White Advisor(s) additionally has never been confirmed, such claims are not a total impossibility.

A fateful Meeting (2344 b.S.). After her self-imposed exile,
Eluda came across the mysterious figure known as Kijuur Destius. At their initial soiree, the two viewed each other as a threat and engaged in combat. Kijuur however, whose origin is still debated, showed knowledge of New Spring (a Lillivear martial art), usage of the Melaro Halberd (a Krath Military weapon) as well as possessing a seed-shaping ability despite denying ever being a part of the High Temple. Eluda was immediately intrigued by this character who seemed to be on par with her in terms of combat (at this point at least). Though he didn't explain where he came from, he did state that he was going to investigate the ruins of the Inami - conincidentally where she planned on going but did not know the way. As such the two departed together.

Study of the Ruins (2344-2332 b.S.).
Eluda and Kijuur spent years trying to decipher the Inami ruins whilst warding off the parasitic Changlings as well as the more sinister spirits the area is cursed with. During their stay in the forsaken place they discovered a variety of 'lost secrets' which they believed to date back to the ancient Inami civilisation. After the twelve year study (which is a very long time considering the speed at which Eluda could learn and master new fields) the two departed towards Zhun.

Arrival at Marmarra (2332 b.S.). Legends of a powerful sorceress accompanied by a mystical mage (who perhaps strikes up more interest than
Eluda) spread across the Plains of Zhun. As such, when Eluda and Kijuur arrived at the small town that was Marmarra, the citizens were struck with a sense of awe. For a long time the town had craved power, power on the level to that of the nearby Citystate of Hootar. As such, the citizens saw this as their oppurtunity to raise the town's profile to something more than a simple hamlet. As the Marmarrans expressed their concern to Eluda and Kijuur, the two decided that they would stay in the village under the condition that Eluda be made the leader of the settlement and that she would be allowed whatever she wished from the Town's resources for her own personal pursuits. The Marmarrans quickly agreed.

The Findings of Lyrias (2329-2322 b.S.). Lyrias Meurtian arrived after his studies in the Broken Woods. He showed
Eluda his work on the Gaisho spirits (and how he had learned to manipulate them). These findings impressed Eluda and she attempted to combine them (successfully) with Krean magic and the knowledge she found from the Inami ruins. This 'New' Magic was of amazing power though only a select few showed ability to perform it (Eluda, Kijuur and Lyrias amongst them).

'Death' (ca. 2300 b.S.). Kijuur Destius, as the captain of 'The Blades of the Witch', was dispatched along with his sentries to deal with an invasive foreign threat (thought at the time to be a Cuscan skirmish). When the sentries arrived they were met by a detatchment of both Karakanite and Cuscan soldiers, the coalition outnumbering them greatly. Though each of them elite magi and warriors, the numbers were surely pitted against them. Kijuur and his contingent were said to have perished in the battle, though this fact does have some logical inconsistencies. For one, the allied Karakanite and Cuscan contingent was swiftly dealt with, no survivors being recorded from either Citystate - surely if they were all killed then there must have been at least one opponent (e.g. a
Marmarran sentry) left?

Popular legend states that Kijuur did not die in the battle, nor did any of his men. In fact, many genuinely believe that it was a plot conceived in order to create 'The Brotherhood of the Eye'. This fabled organisation was supposedly forged in order to allow Eluda'shi to have a hand in
Marmarran affairs after any point at which she would choose to leave. Since to become Witch Queen you needed to possess quite dangerous and volatile traits (you did have to kill your mentor), the Brotherhood was intended to work alongside Marmarra, seperate from the Witch Queen's rule (only revealing their presence to the Witch Queen on the night of her coronation). Should an emergency appear, it would be the Brotherhood's duty to step in from the shadows and 'deal with it'.
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Importance. Ultimately, as with all the other Kogians, Kijuur is important for what he contributed to Marmarra. However, it is not inaccurate to say that Kijuur's contributions are possibly the most important. Not only was he the founder of the 'Blades of the Witch', the most useful of the agents under Eluda's control before their 'deaths', he additionally was one of the individuals who had a hand in the production of the rather complex Gaishen magic system which contributed to Marmarra's infamy - both interpreting the Inami ruins with Eluda and helping make sense of the combined wisdoms of Lyrias and the Krean.

However, arguably his most important act was his relative control of Eluda. It is not unfair to say that if Eluda had not encountered Kijuur her tendency to overract on nothing more than a whim may have greatly impaired the creation of the
Marmarran Citystate (some regarding Marmarra's creation impossible without Kijuur's help). If it wasn't for Kijuur's partial influence over Eluda, Mila Venraius would never have been able to join Marmarra - greatly hampering the economic potential of Marmarra as a whole.
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