(234-?) R'unorian sorceress and along with Markus Wormgrower Founder of the R'unorian Guild of Librarians.

Lotus the Gray

View picture in full size Picture description: The R'unorian sorceress and founder of the Guild of Librarians, Lotus the Gray. Drawn by Mitra Rodi.

Lotus was born in the city of Thalon on the large Isle of R'unor. Her parentage is unknown. However, rumors indicate that her mother had been a prostitute and had abandoned her on the steps to the temple dedicated to Grogramoth, where she was cared for by the local priesthood for the early part of her life. Anyway, there is no documentation to confirm this. Lotus traveled to the capital city when she was in her mid teens and then began to study the magical arts. Much of this period in her life is unknown, however, at the extraodinary young age of 23 she was appointed archmage of the Imperial Court, making her the youngest archmage from the founding of R'unor until the dissolvement of the title due to the founding of the Guards Council in the year 1345 of the Santharian Calender.

Lotus served as archmage for 30 years until the death of the current empress Sara Wormsbane, who had given birth to only a son and not to a daughter (at this time in R'unorian History it was still believed that the man's place was in the home serving his wife). As there was no real heir to the throne, this was solved when the deceased empresses advisors arranged a marriage between the young prince and the daughter of a nobleman from the near Sarvonian continent (it is safe to assume that she was surprised, and a bit pleased, when she discovered the somewhat matriarcal nature of R'unor). This eventually brought about Lotus' replacement with the infamous Yrto K'zeer.

After her replacement Lotus traveled far from R'unor, visiting nearly every known continent before she returned to the isles. Having recorded much of her travels she became one of the first people in R'unor to realize the vast amount of knowledge that could be gained by the study of different cultures and social systems. It had become her goal to collect as much knowledge as possible and to record this knowledge in a vast library or a series of libraries so that each generation would have a solid foundation to build new ideas upon.

With the aid of the accomplished alchemist Markus Wormgrower (with whom it is rumored that she was romantically involved with), Lotus founded the then fairly small organization latter to become known as the Guild of Librarians to serve the purpose of collecting masses of information in every possible respect. Lotus the Gray lived within the capital city until the age of 90 when she mysteriosly dissapeared along with her few belongings. Legend dictates that she left to travel the world once more and there are even rumors that she might still live today, but these are mostly ignored - although only one person really knows...

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