Lyla Aerosire (321 b.S–301 b.S), a Greendeath of the Kasumarii serving Kruu-an, Goddess of Poisons. She was one of the few Kasumarii to reach Sarvonia before Galos Scarknife and the assassin exchange program between Guldor and Sarvonia.

Biography. In the typical nature of the mobility of the Kasumarii, Lyla was born in a carryhome when her parents were moving to a better position. She was accepted into her tribe’s order system as a maiden in service of Kruu-an. Despite the sound of that, Lyla was not an evil woman. Nature itself is indifferent of good or evil, despite sometimes being cruelly so. The motive behind her appearance in Sarvonia is unknown, but many believe she wished to test herself and her loyalty to Kruu-an. What is known is that she appeared with the clothes on her back, a carryhome, and a single Seastar.

At some point in 303 or 302 b.S., Lyla met with Dygan Heartswind, who lived a life alone, drowned in sorrow for the deaths of some of his closest friends. The words she said to him, which have been immortalized in a poem that is heard among Santharians and Kasumarii alike, gave him the inner drive he needed to break out of his downward spiral. He accepted her as a companion, and even more so as a friend. She kept her own past secret from him, and since she made no impression on the townsfolk, no one gave Dygan any clues as to the appearance of the “dusky maiden.”

Lyla accompanied Dygan throughout his travels, giving him useful advice and assisting him in matters that called for her expertise. Whether it was near the summit of Dragon’s Maw or sailing the Sea of Tears, she was not found far from him. However, on the lands of Caael’Heroth, Dygan discovered enough about Lyla to demand an explanation from her. When she told him the truth, he was outraged that she could betray his trust, by lying to him for years and years. He left for Osthemangar after that, wondering what treachery his other companions were capable of. However, in the epic climax of Dygan’s adventures, he found himself helpless against the onslaught of Coór'Mélor’s minions at the heart of the Deep Wind’s portal. When hope seemed gone, Lyla appeared and fought with all her heart. Despite her determination, she was killed in front of Dygan. What happened next, even in legend, is unknown. From her death until his disappearance, Dygan was said to have not forgiven himself, and he placed blame for that incident completely upon himself.
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Importance. Lyla exemplifies selflessness, despite the fact that Dygan had scorned her for her alleged treachery. Among the Kasumarii, Lyla is celebrated as a skilled combatant with a will of iron and a heart of gold. Among Santharians, Lyla is one of many storybook heroes that children are brought up hearing tales about. Some, particularly cowards in battle, justify her selfless sacrifice as futile, since Dygan blamed himself for it, which they judged as the opposite of what she wanted. In their mindset, to do so again would be irrational, so they do not fight in battle.
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