Captain of the Guards of Voldar and husband to the Erpheronian Queen Katya.

Lysander Dain

View picture in full size Picture description: Portrait of Lysander Dain, made during the hardships of the Vardưnnian Atonement. Image drawn by Faugar.

His father, Vaelaron Dain, was the Captain before him. Although some discontents believed that nepotism was the main reason that this most highly-sought after military rank in Voldar was bestowed upon Lysander, the young man soon proved himself worthy of his position as Captain time and time again during the bleak years following the Vardưnnian Atonement. The Prince Consort especially demonstrated his capabilities and skills as a tactician during the first uprising of the dark Order of the Dragonknights who sought to overthrow the rule of his wife. Showing an almost uncanny insight into the dragonknights' maneuvers and tactics, he successfully blocked several of their attacks and nearly drove the knights to extinction before they retreated to the Tandala Mountains.

His only son with Katya, Malakai, would later ascend to the Erpheronian throne after his mother and continue the distinguished Dain bloodline.


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