Father of the common girl Katya Ileri, who later on became the famous Erpheronian Queen Katya the Just.  Medoc also was the former Captain of the Guards during Maengolth's reign before he retired with his wife, Ertai, to the village of Yarrow situated near the Silvermarshes where he opened a tavern called "The One-Armed Soldier". Katya was born to the couple shortly after. Upon Ertai's death, Medoc became Katya's only kin and both father and daughter loved each other dearly. A skillful warrior and intelligent man despite his gruff exterior, Medoc was Maengolth's close friend and right-hand man when he was serving as the Captain.

Medoc was killed in 1650 b.S during the Dragonstorm when the dragon Ol'dém'bréy flew over Yarrow and destroyed it utterly. His death caused a splinter of burning hate inside his daughter's mind and she swore eternal vengeance upon the adamant-dragon.

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