(Elvish: "Shadow") Mythical Light-Elf Lord of the Astyrhim, representing the Shadow of the High Avá'ránn. In various legends his behaviour is described as aristocratic and sometimes somewhat cynical.

The Mythical Light-Elf Melór
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Although Melór had once spoken of the High Avá'ránn as his bloodkin to Katya Ileri, the Erpheronian Queen to be, Melór actually used the word 'cousin' in order to simplify his relationship to the High Avá'ránn in comprehensible human terms for the mortal girl. In actuality, the connection between the two elves runs far deeper and much more complicated than that of mere 'cousins'.

In the the elven myth of the Cárpa'dosía it was written that as the High Avá'ránn took her first step upon the newly wakened world, the Injèrá acknowleged the birth of its elven sister. For Foiros created the Injèrá in the image and of praise to Avá and to see the High Avá'ránn is to know the shard-thin reflection of the glory of Avá, by blazing brighter and brighter until the brilliant rays hurt the elf's eyes and she took shelter beneath the life-giving shade of Eu'reoll, the Tree of Life. As she did, the first shadow was cast upon the world and in that moment, within the High Avá'ránn's shadow, the Rain of Life joined with the Element Wind for a second time, and thus was born the second of the elven race and his name was Melór. He was the first of the Axhái, the elder elves, and only the High Avá'ránn is more ancient than he.

As Melór opened his eyes, the first thing which filled his senses was the presence of the High Avá'ránn and he knew then he would forever be a shadow-self of a shadow, a mirror within a mirror, and that he was bound to her eternally until the end of existence. Though not lovers, the two elves shared the same soul and breath and their bond is as deep and unbreakable as Avá's love for all her Children.

The elf-lord goes where he chooses and barriers and boundaries mean nothing to him. He is the High Avá'ránn's eyes for the elven Queen and is unable to leave the Thaelon for she is the chosen Guardian of Eu'reoll. Melór brings back news and information gathered in his travels back to her and because of this, there is nothing which happens in Aér'ai'chán that escapes the High Avá'ránn's attention.

It was during one such trip that Melór chanced upon the elf maiden, Ar'leiná, whom he saved from death. The price of his act was the steadfast love the Tethinrhim elf bore for him. But he is unable to return her affections for he is sworn, body, heart and soul, to the High Avá'ránn. All his devotion is for his other self. For this is one of such truths that the elven race knows and speaks not of - that shadows cannot live without light for it is the latter that gives the former life and meaning.

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