Born in 1611, Reve’lor (lit. “Strong Sword“, a typical Kuglim name) is a contemporary Kuglim from the reclusive nomadic Fal’cone tribe. He lives just outside one of the main trade depots for Northern Sarvonia, the town of Naurooth. He is famous for his large and varied collection of animals and noted for his dedication to them. Reve’lor’s “Menagerie“ is known throughout the Kuglimz lands and beyond. He has been very hospitable and helpful to researchers in Northern Sarvonia with reference to collecting information on various beasts, most notably the rare but dangerous hydragon.

The Nauroothian Menagerie Owner Reve'lor
View picture in full size Image description. The famous Nauroothian Menagerie Owner Reve'lor with one of his ferrets. Picture by Bard Judith.

Appearance. In his mid-fifties, Reve’lor looks like many another older Kuglim male of the Fal’cone tribe - slightly under two peds, muscular, tanned, gray haired and bearded, with the strong features typical of his tribe. A rare portrait of him has been provided for this entry. His somewhat stern appearance is belied by his easy-going, patient nature. Return to the top

Personality. Though he is known for being somewhat introverted, Reve’lor is a generous and hospitable man. He tends to be extremely fond of his animals and makes great pets of them all, even the ferocious looking Cartashian bear, which he raised from an orphaned cub and has named “Geinar’tog”  - literally, Great Brother.
A kind man, Reve’lor nevertheless admits to being “somewhat hasty” or “temperamental” at times. This facet of his personality is most in evidence when he encounters people or animals being mistreated. He has rescued many animals from neglectful or unkind owners and can always be counted on to have room for another stray. Return to the top

Biography. Childhood. Reve’lor was born in 1611, when both his parents were well into their forties. An only child, he never quite felt suited to the Fal’cone nomadic way of life. His hunter father was unable to compel the animal-loving-boy to follow his path and though they loved him, Reve’lor was considered somewhat of an embarrassment to his family.

The Move to Naurooth. In 1626, when Reve’lor was fifteen, his father, by then nearing his sixtieth year, was killed in a hunting accident. Reve’lor left the tribe and brought his grieving mother to Naurooth, where a sister of hers lived, who had married into the Helvetine Kuglimz people. Reve’lor spent some time at school, learning to read and write, while simultaneously working as an assistant to a horsebreeder to help support his mother. Eventually he began raising and training animals for pets - ferrets, leverets, tarepi and others.

Establishment of the Menagerie. Reve'lor soon developed a reputation as being very skilled with animals, and people began bringing him orphaned baby animals from hunts, injured beasts and so on. Slowly Reve’lor collected a large menagerie. Realizing that he could not support himself and his mother, let alone all the animals without some larger source of income, he set up the animals as a show, teaching them tricks and charging people for the privilege of viewing. After his mother’s death in 1648, he began mounting expeditions into the wilds for the purpose of collecting more exotic and unusual animals.

Reve'lor Today. An intelligent man, Reve'lor speaks three languages fluently; Kuglimz-Seitre, trader's Tharian and the northern dialect of Styrásh (Naurooth having a large population of elves) and can write basic Tharian quite adequately for the purposes of communication. He is not forthcoming about his personal life, but has never married and says he is happy that way. With the help of volunteers and two paid assistants, Reve’lor is able to adequately care for the animals he has collected. Over the years he has made arrangements with a local slaughterhouse to collect “left-overs” to feed his carnivores, along with chickens that he raises for that purpose. He also does veterinary work for for most of the farmers and pet owners in Naurooth, usually accepting payment on a barter system, but willingly doing the work for free if the owner is not wealthy.
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Importance. Much of the information about the more rare or unusual Northern animals in the Compendium is owed to the work of Reve'lor. He is often in touch with Compendium researchers, writing to keep them informed about new discoveries, such as antidotes to snake bites, or different animals he has found. His help with various animal entries, such as the hydragon or the Cartashian bear, has been invaluable to the Compendium, saving Northern researchers many hours of often dangerous work.
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