Saban Blackcloak (210 b.S.-approx. 200 a.S.) was the notorious son of the reincarnation of Coór, Coór'Mélor, and Aiá'merán, the elven Avá'ránn. He was also the twin brother of Eyrin Fontramonn. Kidnapped and raised by orcs from a young age, Saban did not believe that his father was the true saviour of the darklings and set about becoming greater than his father. Saban became the Móch'rónn ("Dark Lord"), and in 62 b.S. began his descent into the Hèckranian Volcano in order to topple the Earth Titan from his reign over his element. He finally suffered his destiny through his own brother, Eyrin, fulfilling the prediction of the Oracle of Cartoral.

Saban Blackcloak

View picture in full size Picture description: The dark elven lord, the Móh'rónn Saban Blackcloak. Drawn by Enayla.

Biography. Saban, later simply Móch'rónn ("Dark Lord"), was born as the son of the Aellerhim nn and elven Avá'ránn, Aiá'merán and Coór'Mélor, the reincarnation of Coór, raised at the Dark Winds Portal of Osthemangar. Bearing the mark of the dark eye on his neck, the child was snatched from the elves in 207 b.S. by an orcish raiding party. Raising him as one of their own he was familiar with orcish lore and the tales of the saviour of the darklings. However, as the child grew he began to doubt Coór'Mélor. Filled with malice and ambition, Saban aspired to be an even greater force of evil than his father.

His plan was pure genious. He gathered a following of darklings loyal to his cause alone. In 132 b.S. he captured his immortal father and imprioning him in the now famous Sea Grave of Can'doi, secretly wooing the darklings to join his forces. Saban paraded the weak Coór'Mélor through the elven forests, even took him to a meeting of the High Elven Circle to show the world his power. The price that this mysterious elf demanded for his actions was nothing less than the Lordship over the elves.

Whether Saban ever realistically thought the elves would accept this or not is not clear. But, clearly he had another tactic up his sleeve. When the elves refused to recognize him as their leader (for there are true no leaders among elves), Saban unleashed his second plan. He and his troops rode to the Almatrar forest, home of the current leader of the High Circle, the Avá'ránn Axiastras. He had a proposition for her. She would either have to marry him, or he would release Coór'Mélor and his powers in the Alamatrar. Axiastras, fearing doom to strike again at the world, had no choice but to agree. In 125 b.S. the marriage of Saban and Axiastras took place. From that moment on Axiastras was Saban's virtual prisoner and political pawn. Through her Saban could demand what he wanted from the elven tribes and expect their co-operation. Angered by the poor treatment of the Avá'ránn, the Circle refused to recognize Saban's commands and elected another leader, the first male Avá'rónn, Anthioullsn, who was little more than a half elf himself.

This angered the Móch'rónn more than anything else. Yet again the bastard half elf had been snubbed by his own people. But more, he hated Anthioullsn, no more than a half elf himself, who had been chosen over him. But the Móch'rónn was clever and while his hatred for the wood elves and their Avá'rónn Anthioullsn grew deeper and more bitter by the day, the Móch'rónn bided his time and set about creating an army with the force to destroy the elves completly.

In 110 b.S. Saban founded a fortress at the isle in the center of the Ancythrian Sea, Alvang, built by the Móch'rónns minions, and it should become the center for all dark elven activities. It is also known as the Sorcerer's Isle. From here minions and dark elves were recruited and dispatched. The embodied Forces of Coór were for the first time organised. The Móch'rónn demanded tribute, as rightful Avá'rónn from all elven tribes. Those that refused were battered by waves of attacks by dark elves and orcs, organised by the Móch'rónn at Alvang. Initially only the tribe of Anthioullsn, the Ylfferhim were targeted, but their closed nature and hidden cities meant that the dark forces found it very difficult to target their attacks, though large tracts of forest were destroyed by fires started by the enemy. The Móch'rónn needed a new way to hurt Anthioullsn. It was not long before the Dark elven Lord came up with the perfect assault.

To dent Anthioullsn's popularity with other tribes attacks were launched on all the tribes who did not recognize Saban's Lordship over them. Particularly hard hit were the Quaelhoirhim whose relation to the Ylfferhim made them prime target, but also the peace loving Maeverhim, who had no means of defending their home. Forces from Alvang also sacked the Quaelhoirhim city of Hár'levé'thém, where Anthioullsn's son Tirí'lým was leading the resistance against Saban. Tirí'lým was captured and taken by his capturers to Alvang. Greatly pleased was the Móch'rónn. And he announced a great public execution in the sacred Thaelon.

In July 106 b.S. a great host from Alvang descended on the Thaelon. They raised a high platform, heavily guarded and defended on all sides. At the end of the month the great Dark Elven Lord himself arrived with his captive, and his own heir Serveran, a child of just four years of age. People from all races and tribes arrived to watch. The Móch'rónn ascended the platform and raised his great sword above Tirí'lým's head and asked out loud, "Where is your False King now? Will you not all now bow before the one true and rightful Móh'Rónn?"

Records differ as to what happen next. The crowd is said to have got to there feet chanting "Never! Never! Never! Never!" The Great Dark Lord grew more and more irritated and ordered for his minions to kill all present. Little did he know that Anthioullsn had engineered the crowd to consist of the finest warriors from all the tribes, and those from human origin who were sympathetic to Anthioullsn. The battle would have been a blood bath, the Alvang troops outnumbered the crowd 16 to 1, if it had not been for the hidden escape tunnels mined by dwarves from the site at Anthioullsn's request (for a price).

In the total confusion, Anthioullsn grabbed Saban's son and heir, Serveran, and dragged him into a tunnel, the child kicking and screaming. The child was hidden among the elves and Saban did not see him for many years. The Móch'rónn, too late, had noticed the disapperance of his son and had killed Tirí'lým in a fit of rage. Anthioullsn was captured attempting to save his son and here records of his further fate cease.

For many years Saban sought his heir but with little success. The elves and humans were more closely united and better organised. In 62 b.S. Serveran came to Saban. Serveran himself guided an enormous army of joined forces of all races (the "Alliance") to the enclave of Alvang to put an end to the Móch'rónn's dark ambitions. He commanded the elven archers and was joined by the human Helcrani leader Corvas with his army and the renegade dwarf Gonthrol and hundreds of his fellow-dwarves.

The assault took place at the so-called "Witchking's Night" (as it was named later on). But a traitor out of the midst of the elven army had warned Saban so that the gigantic magical trap set out on the isle destroyed nearly all fighters and only few of the dark elves still residing on the isle. However, the Móch'rónn already had left Alvang in order to descend to the Earthen Titan at the Hèckranian volcano. He and his minions descended the Hèckranian volcano to topple the legendary Earthen Titan. In defeating the legendary Titan Saban wanted to gain immortality and rule the world as a God.

Only few of the Alliance had survived. Among them was Serveran, who together with the leaders of the other races decided to follow Saban on his mad journey. Nearly one and a half century later Saban's brother Eyrin, not knowing about his fate, was captured in the secret dungeon of Hegedorn, which was guarding the entrance to the Hèckra for the sake of the newly formed kingdom. With the help of a party led by Serveran Eyrin finally learns about his past and defeats his brother.

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