Lysander Dain's father and the Captain of the Guards - taking over the position from his predecessor, Medoc Ileri - during the beginning years of the Age of Awakening at the Erpheronian capital Voldar

Vaelaron Ileri

View picture in full size Picture description: The Voldarian Captain of the Guards during the beginning years of the Age of Awakening: Vaelaron Dain. Image drawn by Faugar.

It is said that during the early years of Maengolth's reign, a man appeared before the north-east gate of the Erpheronian capital of Voldar. In his arms, he carried a crying babe still swathed in its white birthing robes. He identified himself to the gate soldiers and that the purpose of his visit was to seek employment in the Voldarian army. The soldiers laughed with derision for he was not a young man, though powerfully built, and his hair and beard were peppered with grey, threaded here and there with frost-white. 

The man said nothing and he entrusted the babe to a beggar woman sitting nearby. Then he unsheathed the worn-looking battle-axe that was strapped to his back and silently, purposefully, swung it before the soldiers could draw their own swords. There was a sound like splintering thunder across a stormcloud-laden sky and the massive oak table, which the soldiers had used to record the number of entries into Voldar, was hewed into two. A table that needed the strength of at least five men to move it. 

Just as quietly, Vaelaron Dain re-strapped his axe and after a polite thanks to the beggar woman as he gathered the baby in his arms once more, he then walked passed the now silent ranks of the soldiers, towards the direction of Thyrrinths Hold. There, he secured a position as a common foot-soldier but was soon known for his powerful strength and skill in battle. Swiftly climbing the ranks, the rough-spoken soldier particularly distinguished himself during the rebellion of b.S 1653 where several noble familes of Voldar under the investigation of Lord Kastigher of House Cloriae sought to overthrow what they saw as Maengolth's oppressive reign. After the suppression of the rebels, Vaelaron was promoted to the rank of Third Commander of the Voldarian militia. When the current Captain of the Guards, Medoc Ileri, decided to retire, Vaelaron who despite the fact that his beard was now completely as white as new-fallen snow, beat out 14 other younger competitors during the succession trials to become the new Captain. Vaelaron and Medoc were good friends before the latter's retirement and Vaelaron has been known to journey to Yarrow on occasional rare visits to his old comrade, whereupon both soldiers would proceed to drink huge amounts of Leithe and reminisce about the good old days. Vaelaron's son, Lysander Dain, would later hold this supreme military position as well. 

Prior to his first appearance at the gate, much of his early history was shrouded in mystery. Not once in his life, did he speak of Lysander's mother to others and there were rumors, never confirmed, that Lysander was not of his blood. But it was obvious to all that the veteran soldier was very proud of his son and both men obviously cared very much for the other. What do bloodlines and lineages matter when compared against the simple pride a father has in his son?

His loyalty to his liege-lady was absolute and without question. It was largely due to his considerable influence as the Captain that the three Council members, Amalthea Eithar, Trioan Sellus and Kel Branoc were able to overrule Nikos Lothari, Aerlicht Hruth and their allies, and to convince the other remaining three Houses to support Jenefra's sovereignty claim during the ascension dispute after Maengolth's death.

Vaelaron Dain died shortly after the birth of his first grandchild, Malakai, who would later ascend to the throne of the Erpheronians

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