Victhorin Norilin (1501 a.S.-), dwarf of the Kiingerims at the continent of Nybelmar, was the first of four sons to the smith Vartorin Norilin (1402 a.S.–1591 a.S.) and the one the world would know best of the Norilin family so far. Son of a worker, a famous worker but a worker still, he changed path and started building and buying houses. When he left Tyr Faerath on Nybelmar to travel to Sarvonia he was one of the wealthiest dwarves of the city.

In Sarvonia he fled the stress of business to live in New-Santhala and help out with the huge Santharian encyclopedia called the Compendium. He is now the main source of information about the Kiingerim and Tyr Faerath the Compendium has.

Appearance. When you first look at Victhorin you think he is a miner or a smith. Victhorin is a big dwarf, 1.6 peds tall and broad around the chest. His hands are big and look clumsy even though they are far from it. Those hands have written hundreds of contracts in the finest Thergerim runes.

He has long orange-red hair and a long beard in the same colour. At feasts he usually has gold or silver plaited into his beard.

He always wears his silver helmet with two red horns sticking, even when he is indoors. The rest of his clothes are of the highest quality even though not the most modern styles. Expensive boots, made from the skin of a milch goat to make them heat-tolerable, protects his feet.
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Biography. Born into a wealthy working-family Victhorin had no real problems as a young dwarf. His father was a famous silver smith who could chose among the customers. He was especially good at making necklaces.

First Career. So Victhorin studied hard and learnt a lot about the trade of smithing from his father. But he had no talent for smithing. At his 34th year he started as a young clerk at the office of Folin Amanlin. He was a member of the council-family Amanlin and a big house-owner. There he learnt a lot about buildings and contracts. At 42 he bought, together with his father, three houses in the Smithing-area of the city. He made some renovations and raised the rent. Two years later the purchase had paid off and he sold the houses with a big profit. The next time, he bought eight houses and made the same thing. In 1574, 31 years after his first deal he owned more than 100 houses and lived himself in a grand mansion in the Council-area.

That was when his problems began. His previous employers, the Amanlins, did not like his success in a market dominated by them. If Victhorin got any wealthier he could challenge them for a place in the council. So they started a business-war that lasted for more then 30 years and hade no winners. In 1608 Victhorin had enough and left the city. The Amanlins had won but to a great price. Other families had begun moving in on the market while they had their eyes on Victhorin. Now, instead of one competitor they had many.

Bandit Attack. Victhorin started his travel towards Kormendale. In Tyr Faerath it was the general thought that the roads to the east were safe. He made it passed Fauthuin Lundain without any incidents but he was attacked and robbed near the eastern parts of the mountains. They were bandits living in the hills and they nearly killed the lonely traveller. A caravan heading towards Kormendale found him and took care of him. After a couple of days he was back on his feet.

In Kormendale he tried to find someone who could help him avenge the bandits but he had no luck. Bandits are a part of the world, they said. Victhorin understood that Tyr Faerath was too busy trying to protect the routes to the west that they neglected the roads to the east.

After some months in Kormendale, a city he liked for its diversity, Victhorin felt like moving on. He had heard that Kosth was a good harbour where you could travel to lots of foreign countries.
But for that he needed money so he sent for some more from Tyr Faerath . In his letter to his friend he strongly suggested, wise from his experience, a heavily armed escort.

The Voyage to Varcopas. So when the gold came he hired some men and travelled down to the coast and the town of Kosth. By a coincidence he came down to the harbour when a big ship was leaving. He asked a man in the crowed where the ship was sailing and got the answer: “Varcopas”.

Until this day he can’t remember what made him get on the ship, especially when most dwarves are afraid of the water, but finally it seemed that his curiosity won and he got on the ship, only to find out that he was not the only dwarf on board. A plain dwarf from the Neazhan Zhunith named Holi-Guil was also making the journey. (Note: People researching the dwarves say that dwarves of Nybelmar are less afraid of water than their Sarvonian cousins. They are still sceptical about travelling over the seas, but they don’t see it as an impossibility.)

Holi-Guil had in his young days visited Vomli's School of Sandlife. He was now one of the best guides of the Kavogerim and was heading for New-Santhala to sell some maps of Nybelmar. At that time Victhorin just thought that New-Santhala was a funny name, but he decided that the journey would be easier if they were two of them.

After a short stop at the Ferrath Islands they reached Sarvonia. There, Victhorin thought that they would take a land-route to New-Santhala that Holi-Guil talked about. But Holi-Guil laughed at him and said that they would get there faster and more secure by boat. So they stayed in Varcopas for two weeks and found both that they liked the city.

On the day of their departure they both felt like staying but Holi-Guil knew he had to leave and Victhorin did not want to be left alone. A boat took them to Chylikis and from there they continued to travel on foot. Both of them were amazed with all the new things they saw.

Holi-Guil returned home to Nybelmar with plenty of gold, but from that year, 1622, Victhorin stayed in New-Santhala to explore the vast library. Inspired by all the books Victhorin started writing himself and soon the librarians noticed him and learned to appreciate his profound knowledge related to the dwarves of Nybelmar. Thus he got in contact with the staff of the Santharian Compendium, to whom he told whatever they wanted to know about Nybelmar, the High Dwarves and Tyr Faerath. After three years he got a job as a librarian and researcher for the Compendium. Since then he earns even money for what he likes to do most. He still writes long letters to his loved ones on Nybelmar.

About his life you can read in his biography, if you find a copy of it, named “Taking rent on life”. The book was only published in five copies. Why, no-one knows.
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Importance. Victhorin is an endless source of information about dwarven business in general and the High Dwarves of Nybelmar in particular. He also has developed a liking to research the history of the dwarves and particularly how they came to Nybelmar. For this purpose he spends most of the hours he is awake deep down in the library. During the years he has become friends with Artimidor Federikel and Koldar Mondrakken.
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