(1673 b.S.-1650 b.S.) Wengerim may be counted to one of the most tragic human heroes in Santharian history at the Age of Awakening. In the wake of his unforgotten deeds in order to prove his love he was also the reason for utter distress and nearly caused destruction to the once prospering tribe he belonged to, the Erpheronian.

View picture in full size Picture description: The tragic Voldarian hero Wengerim the Dragonslayer. Image drawn by Faugar.

In the year of 1655 b.S. Wengerim, a young Voldarian knave, set out to kill one of the three adamant dragons, Seargon the Eternal, in order to gain the daughter of his sovereign, Maengolth, the charming Lady Jenefra, the most beautiful of the beautifuls, as she is described in many poems. Wengerim and Jenefra were already in love since their childhood and had sworn never to leave each other until their death. Alas, Jenefra's severe father wouldn't have permitted the marriage of his only daugther to a mere knave who hasn't proven himself on the battlefield and earned his prize. So Wengerim challenged the dragon at the Grotto of Engeroth, in the midst of the Tandala mountains and finally also managed to seperate the adamant from the forehead of the dragon, thus making the beast vulnerable. After a long and hard fight the brave Wengerim defeated Seargon and - in his hands the adamant - returned home to the court of Maengolth, where he got knighted. Wengerim was well known among the people of Voldar and appreciated everywhere for his braveness and his strong belief in the power of love.

One year after the slaying of the dragon in 1654 b.S., Jenefra and Wengerim were wed, but their time together shouldn't last very long: In the 37th year of the rulership of Maengolth, a terrible assault of dragons came down on the territories of today's Vardưnn to avenge the destruction of Seargon the Eternal through the sword of the now Erpheronian prince Wengerim. At the so called Dragonstorm hundreds of beasts crossed the Tandala mountains, advanced to the Warnaka in the east, devastated the Silvermarshes in the south and finished the assault near Ephirn's Lake. Thousands of humans died from the fires of the Winged Death, Wengerim the Dragonslayer too couldn't escape his fate. He was killed at the first attack on the town of Voldar.

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