The White Nehtorians (commonly referred to as "Whitecoats", "Dalorins", sing. "Dalor", but also simply as "Healers") are a sect of Nehtor worshippers who are known to be fervent, memorable and times either a great help or a great nuisance. They are extremely focused on their work and their accomplishments, which makes it difficult to sway these clerics. The name "Dalorin" refers to the cloak of the Nehtorians which is similar in colour to the dalor, the white spiral butterfly.

A White Nehtorian
View picture in full size Image description. Portrait if a Whitecoat, a Nehtorian healer. Picture drawn by Arbaon.

Appearance. The Dalorins (almost always of human race or lineage) can be seen from leagues away, for their garments of white are immaculate and beautiful. They wear flowing capes and elaborate coats and breeches, with high and wide collars, belled and frilled sleeves, with adornments of pearlfather and silks. How exactly these garments come to be, or even how they are kept so clean seems a mystery. A Whitecoat can be soiled by blood or dirt, and seemingly only hours later the Whitecoat has not only rid themselves of the stain, but have donned a new garment alltogether, just as beautiful. Always present is a hollow metal amulet, usually of silver or of a slighltly iridescent metal. Dalorins tend to wear several such amulets, or a single one of a large size. Return to the top

Practice. Gathered in small covens no larger than eight, the White Nehtorians scour the lands in search of sick and injured beings. While an act of healing can be done in private and quietly by any other Nehtorian, the Dalorins prefer to be noticed. They will not enter a town unless they are announced (perhaps to set the Town's Patron God at ease) and they will not stay unless rooms are prepared for them at no fee (for they have no money themselves). They may stay in a given town for months tending to any and all that may need it, despite the diety worshipped or wealth owned in this location. Dalorins only ask for belief and worship in Nehtor, and perhaps some monetary donations to be returned to their Home Temple.

Moreso, these Dalorins are battle-ready. Many are trained to handle small weapons, and do not fear fighting. Tales tell of Dalorins storming onto many a battlefield with only a helmet and a dagger for protection, bandaging wounds and escorting the injured off the field before their imminent death arrives. Warriors laugh at these Whitecoats, for they help as many as 10 individuals before a vicious enemy smites them.

However, some cadres of con-artists, thieves and illusionists have paraded about as Whitecoats, faking illnesses and "healing" and then milking the town dry. These clusters have made the Dalorins an uncomfortable sight in any town, though towns visted by the Whitecoats will know if a faux is upon them.
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Symbols. The white garments are an obvious mark of the White Nehtorians. Some Nehtor worshippers may see a Dalorin and think it is a sign of a Dalorin who has sacrificed his life for Nehtor. Hollow medallions are another sign of the Whitecoats, especially if there are several on the same necklace created with white or iridescent glass beads. These necklaces are not only worn by the Dalorins, but by those that have taken allegiance with Nehtor by way of the Dalorins.
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Temples. The Whitecoats travel in groups of eight, all from the same temple of any given city. Voldarian groups are common, roughly 1/5 of all Dalorins are from Voldar. New-Santhala has its own Dalorins, they tend to be better dressed and less war-ready, though quite numerous. Several smaller towns that have temples to Nehtor also have a Dalorin sect, though usually only one or two. Those towns touched in a great effect by the Whitecoats usually build a Shrine to Nehtor, but rarely do they create their own cadre of Dalorins. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Nehtor is worshipped differently by the elves and the humans. Elves see Nehtor as a link in the never-ending cycle of fate, he may heal as he sees fit, or raises and takes lives. Elven Clerics of Nehtor are calm and cool, invoking him only when necessary.

Humans see
Nehtor as a doctor or a surgeon, helping all those that ail. The Dalorins take the extreme end of this belief, actively helping others as they believe Nehtor would.
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Importance. The Whitecoats are willing to throw themselves into fights and wars to do what they believe Nehtor would; heal and help all those that hurt. Whether their lives are lost is not the matter; as long as one being is saved and believes in the healing power of Nehtor, then the Dalorin has done what he/she was meant to do.
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