Image description.

The stone construction of the Mowickle sun clock as can be seen on the Starcharts Astrendum clocktower in Ciosa, Santharian province of Manthria. The clock was crafted 100 a.S. from black iron, herne and aurium to provide different shades corresponding to the moving of the sun over the Caelerethian sky. The Mowickle displays 24 hours in a single circle plus day-sections displayed in different colours and needs to be read from left to right, with the western point constituting the first hour of the lit day (sunrise) and the eastern point the last hour of the lit day (sunset). The wiser of this clock moves automatically from left to right - the depicted state constitutes the time "five half" (five and half an hour) or "half to six", a hour and a half before midday (Sunreign). Image drawn by Artimidor.