The Kurakim Dwarves

Image description.

A typical Kurakim Dwarf with knotted beard standing in full armour in front of the Prominent Mountains. The Kurakim Dwarves are stocky, bearded humanoids, standing about one to one and a half peds tall, and about four spans across the shoulders. Chest barrel-shaped, rounded stomach with slightly bowed, thick legs. Strong arms, calloused hands with well-defined knuckles and fleshy pads. Almost always brown-haired and brown-eyed, though deep gold, black, and reddish hairshades are known, and the hair does whiten in older dwarves. Ears, nose, and molars appear proportionately larger on the face than on humans. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Faugar.