The Lower Silvermarshes (Wetholm)

Image description.

Mushrooms and fungi of all sorts abound in the Wetholm section of the Silvermarshes, as do willows, mosses and water-loving plants like the pondpad, the lemertia and others. Dark-barked trees rise here and there out of tussocks of yellow-grey reeds and grasses, interspersed with patches of lush moss and equally-thriving waterweeds. What appears to be even ground may in fact be a peaty bog, a clay silt quicksand, or the heavily-overgrown surface of a shallow pond. Grey moss beards the spindly trees and half-submerged logs. At dusk these grim silhouettes take on newly fearful proportions, hiding as they might the bony shape of a swamp stalker or the scaled back of a predatory kaimun. Illustration drawn by Faugar.